Redragon RUDRA K565 Mechanical Keyboard

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Professional mechanical keyboard. 104 keys (Thai Keycap Langauge) The anti-ghosting feature allows simultaneous typing of all keys, ensuring the keyboard is always receiving the full signal. Switch Outemu (Blue switch) 50 million times press 7 brilliant Rainbow backlight colors. The USB connector is gold-plated, antioxidant. The letter engraved on the laser keys avoids abrasion after use. The aluminum and ABS profiles make the keyboards sturdy, durable and luxurious.


Redragon RUDRA K565 Rainbow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

The Redragon RUDRA K565 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed to provide a dynamic and customizable gaming experience with its vibrant LED-backlit design and high-quality features.

Key Features:

  1. LED-Backlit:
    1. 8 themes with switchable backlight colors and 2 DIY backlight themes (FN+9/Fn+0).
    2. 4 LED brightness levels allow customization to match your computer setup.
    3. Choose from preset effects or customize configurations according to your preferences.
  2. Anti-Ghosting 104 Keys:
    1. Allows simultaneous key presses, ensuring accurate responses during intense gaming sessions.
    2. The floating keys and blue switches provide a great gaming experience with fast response and satisfying click sounds.
  3. Durability:
    1. Endures 50 million keystrokes, ensuring longevity and reliability.
    2. Small actuation force and short travel for a responsive and comfortable typing experience.
    3. Special double-shot injection-molded keycaps prevent key color fading.
  4. Gold-Plated USB Connector:
    1. High-end braided fiber cable with a gold-plated USB connector for greater durability.
    2. Ensures efficient and stable data transmission during gaming.
  5. Ergonomic Design:
    1. Includes a palm and wrist rest to prevent fatigue during extended gaming sessions.
    2. Supports various computer systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, etc.

Additional Features:

  1. Win/Lock Mode:
    1. Players can press “FN” + Win key to disable the Windows key, avoiding accidental interruptions during gameplay.
  2. Multi-Functional Media Keys:
    1. The one-touch control design enables quick access to volume, mute, and media playback without additional steps.
  3. Custom DIY Mode:
    1. Players can design LED backlight graphics via FN+9 and 0.
    2. Customize keyboard backlight graphics with ease by following simple key combinations.

Keyboard Setting:

  1. 8 themes with switchable backlight colors, 2 DIY backlight themes (FN+9/Fn+0).
  2. 4 LED brightness levels.
  3. 104 standard full anti-ghosting keys.
  4. All non-conflict keys; 12 multimedia keys.
  5. WIN keys can be disabled when gaming.
  6. Laser-engraved chiclet keycaps.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Connector: Gold-plated USB.
  2. Keyboard Size: 43.5×12.2×3.6cm.
  3. Multimedia keys: 12.
  4. Material: ABS.



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