Mic sensitivity: -45dB+/-3
Mic impedance: 2.2k ohm
Speaker size: 40mm
Frequency: 20 HZ—20k Hz
Feature: omnidirectional
Cable length: Approx. 2.0 M brush finished cable
Type: over-the-ear


Redragon TALOS H601 Gaming Headset: Your Ultimate Gaming Companion

The Redragon TALOS H601 Gaming Headset offers a range of features to enhance your gaming experience, from versatile compatibility to crystal-clear chat.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compatibility:
    1. Compatible with PC Windows XP, Win10, Win 7, Win8, Mac, etc.
    2. Suitable for mobile/tablet devices with a USB 2.0 connection.
    3. Driver-free design is suitable for all audio devices with a USB port.
  2. Surround Sound Experience:
    1. High-performance 7.1 Audio provides an immersive surround sound experience.
    2. Intelligent extreme bass enhances sound clarity, creating a valuable studio sound field for various games.
  3. Crystal Clear Chat:
    1. High-quality ear cushions reduce background noise for crystal-clear communication.
    2. The 360-degree sound source-absorbed hidden microphone picks up your voice loud and clear.
    3. Perfect for in-game and online chat, easily removable when watching movies or listening to music.
  4. Lightweight & Comfortable:
    1. Premium super cushiony pads and an adjustable, ergonomically designed headband ensure comfort during extended gaming sessions.
    2. Ideal for gamers who love playing PC games, providing the best gaming experience.
  5. Plug & Play:
    1. No need for complex setups or installations. The Redragon Talos is packaged and ready for instant use and enjoyment.
  6. 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Sound:
    1. Supports stereo with good-quality sounds in the bass, midrange, and high pitch.
    2. The vibration effect enhances the gaming experience by bringing realistic game scenes to life.
  7. Breathing Backlight:
    1. Enjoy a dynamic and stylish gaming atmosphere with the breathing backlight feature.
  8. Volume/Vibration Controller:
    1. Easy-to-operate volume and vibration controllers for quick adjustments during gameplay.
  9. Hidden Microphone with 360-degree Sensitivity:
    1. The hidden microphone design ensures a clean and sleek look while maintaining 360-degree sensitivity for clear voice capture.

Whether you’re deep into a gaming session or engaging in online communication, the Redragon TALOS H601 Gaming Headset is designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience, making it a valuable accessory for gamers.


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