Razer BlackWidow X Keyboard Tenkeyless Mechanical Green Switch


  1. Razer Green switch, a mechanical The switch has 87 keys.
  2. N-key rollover is a key technology.
  3. Approximately 2 meters of cable.
  4. Size (inches): 36.2 x 15.5 x 4.1 cm (14.25 x 6.1 x 1.61 in)
  5. Weight (approximately): 850 g (29.98 oz)


Razer BlackWidow X Keyboard Tenkeyless Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard 87 Keys Esports keyboard Green Mechanical Switches

Introducing the Razer keyboard’s gaming-specific mechanical switches. Deliver a superior gaming experience. Your actions will be registered with extraordinary speed and precision thanks to the switches’ painstakingly designed trigger and reset settings, which are intended for lightning-fast game command execution. These switches’ two side walls increase stability while also improving durability and dust- and water-resistance, making them perfect for long gaming sessions.

The keyboard has a newly designed ABS key cap to increase durability even further. The two-color injection procedure used to make these key caps not only provides a pleasing aesthetic component but also greatly lengthens their lifespan. These key caps should be able to resist the demanding requirements of gaming, ensuring they maintain their

A tactile sensation and a bright appearance after prolonged use.

The Razer keyboard’s striking green light appearance is one of its most distinctive characteristics. By just pressing a button, you may turn on the keyboard’s recognized green lights and quickly enter the Razer gaming environment. Additionally, you have control over the lighting effects with the Razer Synapse program, allowing you to adjust the aesthetics to your particular preferences and create a setting that improves your gaming experience.

The 87-key keyboard’s small design has the benefit of giving you more freedom to move the mouse around. This enables quick and accurate cursor control, allowing you to easily move throughout your gaming environment. Additionally, the small size

Razer Mechanical Green Switch features
  1. Gaming-specific mechanical switches: like the Razer. Include trigger and reset positions that are optimized for quick game command execution. Dual side walls are present for increased stability and improved water and dust resistance.
  2. Redesigned ABS Key Cap:To significantly increase longevity, use a two-color injection ABS key cap.
  3. Green Light Effect of Razer: The Razer keyboard’s recognizable green lights can be turned on with the keyboard’s buttons, and Razer
  4. Synapse software allows you to modify the lighting effects to enhance the gaming environment.
    Compact Layout with 87 Keys With its 87-key configuration, the mouse can move more freely. It is also portable.
  5. Design of Suspension Keys Suspension keys give the look of a more compact keyboard and make replacing or cleaning the key cap
  6. Simple High caliber Material The keyboard’s top cover is solid, durable matte aluminum alloy.

Packing list.

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Razer BlackWidow X Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Green Mechanical

Switches Gaming Keyboard with 87 Keys


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