Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard Works w/PC, Smart TV, Streaming Box- Backlit LED, Black


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Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard – Versatile Living Room Entertainment Control – Bluetooth and USB Connectivity – Backlit LED – Sleek Black Design (CH-9268046-NA)

Enhance your living room entertainment experience with the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard. Bluetooth and USB connectivity make it compatible with PCs, Smart TVs, and streaming boxes. Enjoy the sleek black design, adjustable white LED backlighting, and intuitive joystick control. Navigate menus effortlessly with the precision touchpad and experience up to 40 hours of continuous use or play while charging. Elevate your living room style and media control with the K83 wireless keyboard.

Upgrade your living room entertainment with the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard, offering seamless Bluetooth and USB connectivity for compatibility with PCs, Smart TVs, and streaming boxes. Dive into the features that make the K83 a versatile and stylish addition to your living space:

Sleek Black Design:

  • The brushed aluminum design with adjustable white LED backlighting complements your modern living room style, ensuring a visually brilliant and sleek appearance.

Joystick Control:

  • Experience intuitive joystick control with click buttons, turning gaming into a breeze and making menu browsing smooth and enjoyable.

Precision Touchpad:

  • The integrated precision touchpad features tunable settings with advanced Windows 10 gesture support, providing a natural and responsive navigation experience.

Connectivity Flexibility:

  • Connect effortlessly to your living room PC, smart TV, streaming media player, or other devices with a choice of ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless or low-latency Bluetooth wireless, providing flexibility in your setup.

Comfortable Typing:

  • Comfort-contoured keycaps with an intuitive layout and 20-key rollover ensure you’ll never miss a keystroke, making typing on your couch as easy as on your desktop.

Secure Wireless Encryption:

  • 128-bit AES wireless encryption helps protect your keystrokes from wireless eavesdropping, ensuring the safety of your data.

USB Rechargeable Battery:

  • Enjoy up to 40 hours of continuous use, or play while charging when plugged into USB, providing convenience and uninterrupted entertainment.

iCUE Software Compatibility:

  • Program the keyboard to your preferences with Corsair iCUE software, offering lighting control, joystick, and touchpad customization, sophisticated macro programming, and more, all from a single intuitive interface.

Elevate your living room entertainment control with the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard – where style meets versatility and functionality for an immersive media experience.


Corsair Nepal

Corsair, a globally renowned company, is excited to bring its exceptional gaming, content creation, and PC enthusiast products to Nepal. Our extensive range of offerings is designed to enhance the performance of both gamers and professionals. Whether you're seeking premium PC components, cutting-edge streaming gear, stylish lighting solutions, or esports coaching, Corsair has you covered. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you stay at the forefront of technology, unlocking new levels of gaming and creative experiences. Elevate your passion with Corsair, the trusted choice for top-notch products in Nepal.
corsair nepal
Corsair Nepal, Corsair stands out in the gaming peripherals industry, renowned for unwavering reliability and rigorous quality control. In the realm of keyboards, we maintain a specific focus on catering to the gaming community. This focus results in a more specialized product portfolio compared to versatile competitors like Logitech. Discover why Corsair is admired for its commitment to excellence, providing keyboards designed to excel in gaming, all available for purchase here at Corsair Nepal.


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