Imperion Aegis 203 gaming chair



Imperion Aegis 203 gaming chair

  1. Is an economical price gaming chair, the most basic difference is the static armrest.
  2. PU and Mesh material, equipped with Soft Padded PP on the armrest
  3. The seats can be raised and lowered with the standard Class 3 Gas Lift
  4. Imperion Aegis 203 gaming chair, The gross weight is 16 kg, but for normal shipping weight it is subject to more
  5. The base color is black with 4 stripe colors to choose from red, green, yellow, and white
  6. Material: PU+Mesh
  7. Soft Padded PP Arm
  8. Butterfly Mechanism
  9. 100Mm Class 4 Gas Lift
  10. 320Mm PA Base With Painting
  11. Material PU+ Mech – Soft Padded PP Arm – Butterfly Mechanism – 100mm Class 4 GAS lift – 320mm PA base with Painting – sIzE- W60XD70xH111 – 121CM – Carton size – 73×32.5x58cm – NET WEIGHT = 13.6KG – Gross Weight: 15.7kg
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    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― The Art of War. Inspired by the history of martial arts, Imperion aims to produce gaming gear for better Speed, Precision, and Power. To be successful in any combats, the perfect balance of those three elements is ESSENTIAL. Imperion strives to produce super user-friendly gaming devices so gamers can gain their gaming skills more effectively. From lightweight to heavyweight, choose your lethal gaming weapon from the Imperion’s arsenal to perform stunning moves in the battleground.

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