Redragon C102BR Gaming Chair Metis



Redragon C102BR Gaming Chair Metis – Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Introducing the all-new Redragon METIS Gaming Chair, a masterpiece that redefines comfort at every curve. Bid farewell to back, neck, or shoulder aches, even after a 48-hour LAN session. The sleek red and black design not only catches the eye but also offers unparalleled ergonomics, ensuring comfort and support for your spine. Experience a new level of gaming with the removable lumbar pillow and cushion, providing customizable comfort.

Key Features and Design

  1. Overall Size: D(690±10)mm * W(655±10)mm * H(1190-1280)±10 mm
  2. Foam Type: Cutting Foam/1.5cmT/Density 20/Hardness 80
  3. Weight Bearing: 150KGS

Redragon C102-BR Metis Gaming Chair – Black/Red

The Metis boasts a curvilinear structure meticulously designed to align with the body’s seated position. From legs to nape, through hips, spine, and shoulders, every aspect prioritizes comfort, health, and care.

Ergonomic Excellence:

  1. Extra comfortable, Kinsal Upgraded Size Of Seat
  2. 360-Degree Swivel
  3. 90 to 180-Degree Backwards Movement
  4. 140-Degree Lying Down Angle

Unrivaled Comfort Features:

  1. High-density foam inner for ultimate gaming comfort.
  2. A steady explosion-proof mechanism base ensures gaming with ease, allowing you to focus on the game.

Redragon C102BR Gaming Chair

  1. High density and solid structure for stable and comfortable sitting.
  2. Incredibly stable wheelbase works on any surface.
  3. Various sitting positions catered for gaming and relaxation.
  4. Outstanding surface, built to be durable for everyday use.

Embrace the extraordinary with the Redragon METIS Gaming Chair. With its ergonomic design, customizable comfort, and stability, your gaming sessions are about to reach new heights.

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