Fantech GC-182 Gaming Chair (Red,White,Blue)


  1. Lumbar Support
  2. Class 4Hydraulic Piston
  3. Angel Transfer:135-180Degree
  4. Material:PU Leather
  5. Size:70*56*130cm
  6. Height Adjustable Range:130-137cm
  7. Armrest:1Direction
  8. Color:White,Red,Blue


Fantech GC-182 Gaming Chair (Red,White,Blue)

The Fantech Alpha GC-182 Gaming Chair is a cozy and fashionable gaming chair created with gamers in mind. This chair stands out from other gaming chairs available on the market. Since it is constructed with premium materials and has a distinctive design.

The Fantech Alpha GC-182 has a number of important features, including:

Comfortable Seat: The Fantech Alpha GC-182’s seat is built of high-density foam. Making for a supportive and comfortable sitting experience. The seat is also made to promote excellent posture and relieve lower back discomfort.

The chair’s armrests can be adjusted for different heights and angles to provide the utmost comfort. This is crucial for extended game sessions.

Chair Backrest: The chair’s backrest is reclining to a maximum of 170 degrees of reclining, allowing you to select the ideal posture for utmost comfort.

Headrest and Lumbar Pillows: To add additional support for the head, neck, and lower back, the chair is equipped with such a headrest and lumbar pillow.

A strong steel frame and a five-star nylon base are used to create the chair’s durable base, which offers stability.

The Fantech Alpha GC-182 Gaming Chair’s technical details are as follows:
  1. The chair’s dimensions are 54.5 by 27.5 by 20.5 inches (L x W x H), and the seat height ranges from 17.7 to 20.5 inches.
  2. Weight Support: The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.
  3. High-density foam, PVC leather, and a steel frame make up the chair’s construction materials.
  4. Features that can be modified include the armrests’ height and angle as well as the backrest’s ability to recline up to 170 degrees.
  5. Options for color: The chair is offered in a variety of hues, including black, red, and blue.
  6. The chair is covered by a one-year warranty.
  7. The headrest pillow, lumbar pillow, and gaming chair are all included in the set.


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