FANTECH GP13 Gaming Controller Shooter II


  1. Dual Vibration
  2. Familiar Console-Like Layout
  3. Built-In Turbo Mode
  4. For PC/PS3


FANTECH GP13 Gaming Controller Shooter II

A gaming controller FANTECH Shooter II GP13 is made for players that desire to improve their gameplay. Its ergonomic design makes it possible to play for extended periods of time without growing weary. The controller is compatible with a variety of games because it has two analog sticks, a directional pad, and typical gaming buttons. Additionally, you may program it so that the buttons are set up how you like them. Wireless connectivity is also supported by the GP13 for a seamless gaming experience. Overall, the FANTECH Shooter II GP13 is a premium gaming controller that offers a cozy and adaptable gaming experience.

Also includes a built-in battery that offers numerous hours of gaming without the need for charging. Additionally, it incorporates LED lighting effects that improve the environment while playing. The strong design of the controller makes it enduring and long-lasting. The responsiveness and nice click of the buttons enhances the whole game experience. The GP13 also features an anti-sweat construction to avoid slippage during lengthy gaming sessions.

In conclusion, the FANTECH Shooter II GP13 is a top-performing gaming controller that combines comfort, personalization, and utility. This controller will improve your gaming experience whether you’re a competitive or casual player.

The following characteristics of the FANTECH Shooter II GP13 game controller
  1. Ergonomic and cozy design
  2. A pair of analog sticks
  3. The direction pad
  4. Common gaming buttons
  5. Programmable function
  6. Bluetooth connections
  7. LED lighting effects with a built-in rechargeable battery
  8. Dependable construction
  9. Responsive buttons that click with satisfaction
  10. Anti-sweat features
  11. Widely compatible with different games
  12. With these characteristics, the FANTECH Shooter II GP13 is a flexible and highly functional gaming controller that offers a relaxing and individualized gaming experience.
Here are some details about the FANTECH Shooter II GP13 game controller’s technical specifications:
  1. Wireless connectivity
  2. Built-in rechargeable battery
  3. Compatible with the majority of video games that use game controllers
  4. Supports both Windows and Android operating systems
  5. 200 grams or less in weight
  6. Size: 160mm by 105mm by 60mm.
  7. The button mapping function is programmable.
  8. LED lighting effects that are programmable
  9. Wireless range: 10 meters or more

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