1. Premium Comfort Design
  2. Durable Cushioning
  3. Adjustable Lumbar Pillow
  4. Multi-Tilt Function for Long-Term Comfort
  5. Ultra Stable Class 4 Piston


Fantech KORSI GC191 Premium Gaming Chair – Unrivaled Comfort and Superior Performance

Elevate your gaming experience with the Fantech KORSI GC191 Premium Gaming Chair. Featuring a premium comfort design, durable cushioning, adjustable lumbar pillow, and multi-tilt function for long-term comfort, this chair is designed to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

Premium Comfort Design for Extended Gaming Sessions

Immerse yourself in ultimate comfort with the Fantech KORSI GC191 Premium Gaming Chair. Crafted with a high-quality, cold-cured foam, this chair ensures superior support for extended gaming sessions. The firm yet comfortable feel adapts to your body, making it an ideal choice for both gaming and productivity.

Adjustable Lumbar Pillow and Neck Support

Say goodbye to discomfort with the adjustable lumbar pillow and premium neck pillow included with the GC191. Designed to support your spine and neck, these features make gaming a breeze, allowing you to focus on winning without sacrificing comfort.

Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism & Recline

Take control of your gaming experience with the multi-functional tilt mechanism. Lock the chair in a tilt position or recline it up to 170 degrees for ultimate relaxation. The GC191’s unique design ensures a perfect fit for your body, making it taller and wider than most gaming chairs.

PRO ERGONOMICS with 2D Armrests

Experience pro-level ergonomics with 2D armrests that keep your movements locked in and comfortable. The Fantech KORSI GC191 is designed to enhance your gaming performance while providing the comfort you need during intense gaming sessions.

Smooth Casters and Stable Construction

Move seamlessly in all directions with the durable PU wheels, designed to be floor-friendly. The chair’s stability is guaranteed by the Class-4 Hydraulic Piston and premium steel base, offering worry-free gaming in any environment.

Specs of Fantech KORSI GC191 Premium Gaming Chair

  1. Type: Gaming Chair
  2. Size: S
  3. Recommended Height & Weight: S-M
  4. Cushion: Durable Foam
  5. Armrest Tilt Mechanism: 2D
  6. Armrest Pad Size: A4
  7. Head & Neck Support Pillow: PU Leather
  8. Lumbar Support Pillow: Durable Foam
  9. Seat Base: Snug Fit
  10. Hydraulic Class: 4
  11. Base Material: Premium Steel
  12. Wheel Material: PU
  13. Recline: 170 degrees
  14. Mechanism: Tilt Multi-Tilt
  15. Tilt Lock: Yes
  16. Tilt Adjustment: Yes
  17. Height Adjustment: Yes
  18. Package Size: 827037cm
  19. Weight (approx): 26KG

Upgrade your gaming setup with the Fantech – where comfort meets performance.

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