DarkFlash & AKRacing co-branding partner ship DF-7012 Gaming Chair Blue – Red – Black



Darkflash K7012 Gaming Chair – AKRacing Co-Branding Partnership

Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with the Darkflash K7012 Gaming Chair, a result of the collaboration between Darkflash and AKRacing. This entry-level chair is designed to provide cool comfort with breathable fabric upholstery and comes in three striking colors. Don’t compromise on quality or features – enjoy a full 180-degree recline and adjustable head and lumbar pillows.

Product Description

Office workers and gamers often face health disorders due to bad posture. The solution? An ergonomic chair by AKRACING. The Darkflash K7012, crafted with care and attention, ensures quick results. The seat’s shaping brings pleasure and relaxation, making work or gaming sessions more efficient.

Sitting at a desk strains various body parts, including the spine, wrists, neck, shoulders, and arms. The AKRacing chair is designed as an extension of your spine, offering a unique appearance inspired by a sports car’s interior. The soft material enhances comfort, and the rugged metal construction ensures durability for years.

Key Features

  1. Durable Steel Frame (Darkflash K7012 Gaming Chair): The strong steel frame provides safety and stability while sitting in an AKRacing chair.
  2. Adjustable Backrest: Whether watching a movie, enjoying coffee, or gaming, use the lever to choose your position, creating a comfortable environment for various activities.
  3. Class-4 Gaslift: All AKRacing chairs are equipped with a durable and reliable class-4 gaslift that supports up to 150kg/330lbs.
  4. Strong 5-Star Base: The high-quality 5-star base ensures stability, keeping you focused during your activities.
  5. Density Mould: Quality solid foam that maintains its form even after extended gaming sessions.

Revolutionary Partnership – Darkflash & AKRacing

Thanks to the revolutionary partnership between Darkflash and AKRacing, the K7012 Gaming Chair brings a new level of comfort and style to entry-level chairs. Embrace the cool comfort, striking colors, and ergonomic design for a superior gaming or working experience.

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