Personal Protective Equipment PPE Set



Personal Protective Equipment PPE Set

Effective protection of healthcare workers and first line responders against microorganisms like corona virus would require quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Protective Coverall is a key component of a PPE set.

PPE consists of protective coverall with hood and boot covers, N95 mask, goggles and/or face shield, and powder-free nitrile examination gloves.

*Standards of a high-quality Protective coverall

EN14605: Liquid spray protection (Type 4)

EN13982: Particle protection (Type 5)

EN13034: Limited liquid splash protection (Type 6)

EN14126: Protection against microorganisms

ASTM1670: Synthetic blood penetration resistance

EN1149-5: Anti-static coating

EN1073-2: Protection against nuclear particles


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