Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker with 12 Hours Playtime



Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker with 12 Hours Playtime. Wireless Speaker Made in India with Exceptional Sound Quality, Portable and Built in Mic


Built To Sound Great, Always!

This 5W Speaker is built with dual audio radiators for studio grade sound.

Splash Proof

The class one materials used inside this outstanding speaker makes it ready for most adventures. Splash on it. Spill on it. Or accidentally smash it on the floor. It just doesn’t give up!

Stylish Superior Super

So light in weight and super sleek in build, the Mivi Play simply takes you off your feet with it’s unique color options. The outside layer is high quality mesh and should come with a warning for love at first sight!

  1. Studio Grade Sound: The Mivi Play Bluetooth speaker delivers a deep and powerful sound with a solid bass to amplify your beats and make you fall in love with every note.
  2. Play it non-stop: The Mivi Play wireless speaker packs a battery life of up to 12 long hours on a single charge to keep your party going on and on till the break of dawn.
  3. Premium Brag Worthy Design: The Mivi Play portable wireless speaker comes with a sleek design, that makes it numero uno choice for those who love their music in private or with a couple friends!
  4. Connections made stronger: Nobody likes it when their music gets interrupted. Mivi Play’s latest and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 lets you enjoy seamless wireless connectivity, keeping your connections strong and uninterrupted. Now that’s the next generation of wireless bluetooth speakers!
  5. Made in India : From design to manufacturing, Mivi Play is a portable wireless speaker proudly made in India. It is built locally to compete globally.
  6. 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, 12 Hours Play Time
Why Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker
Features Mivi Play Other
Battery Life 12hours Play back time Around 5 hours Battery
Sound Quality Dual AudioRadiators Average Sound
IP Rating IPX4Splash proof Fragile
Design Premium Matte Finish Cheap Plastic Finish
TWS Enabled Yes NO



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