Creative Muvo Play Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof for Outdoors



Creative Muvo Play Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker: Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion

Embrace the freedom of music on the go with the Creative Muvo Play Portable Bluetooth Speaker, designed for the outdoors with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Packed with dual micro drivers and dual bass radiators, this compact powerhouse ensures your audio experience is as vibrant as your adventures.

Key Features:

IPX7-Certified Waterproof: Unleash your music in any weather—rain or shine. The Muvo Play is IPX7-certified waterproof, allowing you to enjoy your tunes with carefree abandon, even in up to 1 meter/3.3 ft of water for 30 minutes.

Portable and Lightweight: Designed for the active and adventurous, the Muvo Play weighs a mere 360g (12.6 oz). Carry it effortlessly to pool parties, camping trips, or any exciting escapade. Its compact size ensures it fits snugly into most backpack compartments.

Powerful and Loud Audio: Don’t be fooled by its size! The Muvo Play packs a punch with custom-tuned dual micro drivers and dual passive bass radiators. Experience smooth and clear audio across the spectrum, delivering a sound larger than the speaker itself.

Stereo Wireless Link: Elevate your audio experience by pairing two Muvo Play units wirelessly. Enjoy a wider soundstage in stereo, immersing yourself in a more enjoyable and immersive musical journey.

Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Stream music wirelessly with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection. Access Siri or Google Assistant effortlessly with a simple button press while connected via Bluetooth.

Extended Battery Life: Keep the music playing all day with up to 10 hours of battery life. When the energy runs low, recharge swiftly with the included USB Type-C cable, ensuring your favorite tunes are back in action in no time.

More Connectivity Options: Enjoy the flexibility of various connectivity options. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or opt for the standard 3.5mm aux-in for wired connections, compatible with universal analog devices.

Immersive Stereo Pairing: Take your stereo experience to the next level by pairing two Creative Muvo Play units wirelessly. Witness an extended soundstage with left-right audio separation, providing a more immersive and realistic audio experience.

Unleash the potential of your outdoor adventures with the Creative Muvo Play Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker. Lightweight, waterproof, and powerful, it’s the perfect companion for those who live life on the go.




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