Geekvape Feather cotton


  1. Parameters:
  2. Size: 110x 3mm
  3. Material: Organic Cotton
  4. 20Pcs/pack


Geekvape Feather Cotton: Elevate Your Vaping Experience

Discover the ultimate in wicking materials with Geek Vape’s Feather Cotton, a premium organic cotton designed exclusively for vaping and reconstructable atomizers. Crafted in convenient lace form (11cm), this cotton is perfect for hassle-free placement of mesh in your coils, offering a diameter of 3mm tailored for larger coil builds.


  1. User-Friendly Design: The Feather Cotton comes in the form of laces (11cm), ensuring easy and precise placement of mesh in the cotton. With a diameter of 3mm, it’s an ideal choice for accommodating large coils.
  2. Pure Flavor: Enjoy a pure vaping experience with Feather Cotton, which is free from parasitic tastes or chemical treatments. Geek Vape ensures that each fiber lace is clean and ready for your vaping pleasure.
  3. Hermetic Packaging: Each purchase of Feather Cotton includes 20 fiber laces, sealed in a hermetic sachet. This ensures the preservation of freshness and quality until the moment you’re ready to use them.
  4. Easy Installation: Installing Feather Cotton Laces is a breeze. Simply insert the lace into the coil, trim any excess fiber, and carefully place the mesh ends into the assembly plate without packing them tightly in the fiber. Finally, saturate the cotton with a few drops of your favorite e-liquid.
  5. Optimal Dimensions: The Feather Cotton Laces are 110mm in length, providing intuitive and rapid installation in the coil, making them a perfect choice for vapers who prefer coils of a larger size.


  1. Size: 110x3mm
  2. Material: Organic Cotton
  3. Quantity: 20 Pieces per Pack

Package Includes:

  1. One Bag of Geekvape Feather Cotton

Geek Vape brings you Feather Cotton, an exceptional wicking material for rebuildable enthusiasts. Elevate your vaping experience with the pure taste and ease of use offered by Feather Cotton. Order your pack today and enjoy the satisfaction of a clean and flavorful vape.


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