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FANTECH WIRELESS MAXFIT61 FROST: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

The FANTECH WIRELESS MAXFIT61 FROST is a cutting-edge wireless 60% mechanical keyboard designed to provide gamers with a customizable, compact, and feature-rich gaming peripheral. Let’s delve into the key features that set the MAXFIT61 FROST apart and enhance your gaming setup.

Key Features:

  1. 60% Factor: The compact 60% form factor saves space, making it ideal for a clutter-free gaming desk while retaining essential functionality.
  2. RGB Backlighting: The FROST edition boasts RGB backlighting with 16 spectrum modes, creating an immersive and visually appealing gaming atmosphere.
  3. Detachable Type-C Cable: The keyboard comes with a detachable Type-C cable, ensuring quick setup, easy portability, and secure connectivity during gaming sessions.
  4. Hot Swappable Switches: The MAXFIT61 FROST supports hot-swappable switches, compatible with various mechanical switches, including Gateron, Cherry, and Kailh. This feature allows users to customize their keyboard switches for a personalized gaming experience.
  5. Blue or Red Switch Options: Users can choose between the clicky feel of blue switches or the linear feel of red switches based on their preferences and gaming style.
  6. Full Keys Anti-Ghosting: The keyboard ensures a smooth gaming experience with full keys anti-ghosting, preventing keypress conflicts during intense gaming moments.
  7. Pre-Lubed Stabilizer: The pre-lubed stabilizers contribute to the smooth and slick key movement, enhancing the overall typing and gaming experience.
  8. Magic FN Key: The Magic FN key serves as a versatile key for accessing essential functions, controlling media playback, setting up custom functions, and more. The Fn+CAPS combination provides quick access to multimedia keys, the home key, custom keys, and additional functionalities.
  9. New Frost Edition Design: The FROST edition features an attractive ICE translucent case with RGB lighting, radiating RGB from the inside out. The ergonomic stair-up design ensures comfort for the wrists during extended gaming sessions.
  10. Compact Size, Full Power: Despite its small form factor, the MAXFIT61 FROST doesn’t compromise on features or usability, providing a powerful gaming keyboard in a compact design.
  11. Customizable RGB Lighting: Users can easily configure the RGB lighting, macros, and function keys using the provided software, allowing for personalized lighting setups to match their preferences.
  12. Wireless Capability: The wireless feature adds flexibility to your gaming setup, enabling a clean and cable-free desk environment.
  13. Smooth Gaming Experience: The keyboard utilizes clicky Ontemu blue switches with pre-lubed stabilizers, featuring a medium actuation force for a satisfying typing and gaming experience.
  14. Hot-Swappable Keyboard: The ability to replace switches easily allows users to experiment with different switch types and brands, catering to keyboard enthusiasts.

The FANTECH WIRELESS MAXFIT61 FROST is designed to deliver a seamless and customizable gaming experience, combining innovative features, wireless capability, and striking design elements. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a keyboard enthusiast, the MAXFIT61 FROST aims to meet your gaming demands.


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