• Virtual 7.1 Sound Channel
  • 15% Volume Expansion
  • 3.5mm Dual Plug & Single Plug
  • One-button Mute
  • Virtual 7.1 Sound Channel – This USB sound card turns a common headset into a 7.1 sound channel headset to give a surrounding sound. Make you feel you are at the game world.
  • 15% Volume Expansion – Built-in headphone amplifier module enables this sound card for laptop to expand volume by 15% for more shocking hearing enjoyment


Plextone GS3 USB Sound Card: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and More!”

Transform your ordinary headset into a 7.1 sound channel powerhouse with the Plextone GS3 USB Sound Card. Enjoy immersive gaming and enhance your hearing experience with 15% volume expansion, one-button mute, and versatile plug options. This plug-and-play device is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more. No drivers needed!

Unleash the full potential of your audio with the Plextone GS3 USB Sound Card. Elevate your gaming experience and immerse yourself in virtual 7.1 surround sound, turning your standard headset into a powerful audio tool. The built-in headphone amplifier module ensures a 15% volume expansion, delivering a more impactful and thrilling listening experience.

Control your audio seamlessly with the one-button mute function, allowing you to fine-tune your sound effortlessly. The 3.5mm dual plug and single plug options provide flexibility – use the dual plug to input audio with a microphone while enjoying music, or use the single plug for exclusive music listening.

Forget about complicated installations – the Plextone GS3 is a plug-and-play device. No need for drivers or software; simply connect and enjoy. Its wide compatibility extends to various operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS X, and more, ensuring a conflict-free experience.

Additional Specifications:

  1. Model: GS3
  2. Color: Black
  3. USB 2.0 Full-speed (12Mbps) compliant
  4. USB Audio device class specification 1.0 and USB HID Class Specification 1.1 compliant
  5. USB bus-powered mode, eliminating the need for external power
  6. Connectors: USB Type-A, Stereo output jack, Mono microphone input jack
  7. Supports virtual 7.1 channel sound simulation software for Windows XP/Vista
  8. Free driver required for Windows 8/7/9/10/2000/XP/Server2003/Vista, Linux, macOS

Upgrade your audio setup with the Plextone GS3 USB Sound Card – where simplicity meets exceptional performance!”


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