Mi Soundbar Thrilling Cinematic Sound



Mi Soundbar Thrilling Cinematic Sound

The Perfect TV Companion
Enhance your TV viewing with Mi Soundbar. The elegant
design, powerful core and rich sound delivery come together
to take the audial performance to the next level
  • The complete cinematic experience
  • Realistic game sounds
  • Bluetooth 4.2 music playback
  • 8 sound drivers
The 50Hz to 25000Hz frequency response range covers the entire
spectrum of sounds in each media so each note is clear and succinct. Magnify your audio
experience with crisp treble, resonant bass and clean mids
Multiple connectivity options
Mi Soundbar offers a number of connectivity ports that allow you to connect to your TV and
mobile devices thanks to the S/PDIF, optical, aux in and line in.
Connect quick and easy wirelessly
Connecting to your TV or mobile device is simple as ever with
the high-speed Bluetooth 4.2 LE feature
The Contemporary Centerpiece
Stylishly designed in a bar shape with
fabric mesh overlay, the minimalist
modern Mi Soundbar plays perfect match
to your TV, completing your living space.
Lightweight and Compact
The sturdy structure is lightweight, compact and easy to use enabling
you to place it in any home environment.
Mi Soundbar – Thrilling Cinematic Sound
Get the most out of your cinema audio!
The Mi Soundbar takes the sound from your TV or mobile device and transforms it into a theatre-like experience. The included 8 sound drivers deliver crisp treble, deep bass and clean mids to give a complete audio experience. So, if you’re looking forward to complete the lifelike picture, the Mi Soundbar is the perfect add to your living space.
  1. Features 8 sound drivers that will improve your movie viewing, gameplay and music playback
  2. You can connect your mobile devices effortlessly via the S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in and Bluetooth connections
  3. The no-fuss design offers a hassle-free uncluttered setup that takes just 30 seconds
  4. The minimalist design in a modern gray tone sits well with any décor scheme
  5. Play your favorite songs at the next get-together by simply connecting the Soundbar to your phone or lapto etc. Bluetooth 4.2 LE


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