FIFINE T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit with Adjustable Arm Stand Shock Mount for PC and MAC


  1. The pivot mount allows vertical and horizontal adjustment for your own perfect angle.
  2. Equal sensitivity to lows, mids and highs ensures consistent performance in all applications.
  3. Raw audio is important for production. K669B gives the best raw quality possible, saving you time on voice equalization or noise reduction.
  4. The decent ratio of compression & amplify balances your voice with less artifact and distortion.
  5. It is sensitive to a full range of audible frequencies. with especially great highs provides the best clarity. You will get lots of detail up the top. High ends sparkle makes it good for any voice application.
  6. Great for podcasting, recording instrument, doing voice-over and voice recognition.


FIFINE T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit with Adjustable Arm Stand Shock Mount for PC and MAC

Direct easy plug-and-play connection to Mac and Windows PCs through USB output. It’s never been simpler to get high-quality sound for computer-based audio recordings of your voice.

superior audio quality The vocal microphone has a wide frequency response. A sturdy design for long-lasting performance, and can easily manage high SPLs.

Versatile and robust broadcast suspension boom scissor arm

This arm set will give you excellent instruments for recording your voice for a podcast or voiceover.

The Double Pop Filter eliminates the air rush brought on by vocal plosives and offers two layers of dissipation, minimizing popping noises that could damage your recording.

Simple to attach

The streaming microphone adjustable boom studio scissor arm stand has a powerful combo mount that is made of a solid metal arm and a solid steel plate. a removable desktop mount and a C-clamp
The low-profile, table-hugging design allows on-air talent to work without a facial impediment thanks to its 13″ fixed horizontal arm and 30″ reach.

Includes a microphone, a user guide, a scissor arm stand, a studio-grade shock mount, a double pop filter, a 9.84′ USB cable, a bonus tripod stand, and a one-year guarantee.
metal material type

Features Of FIFINE T669 Condenser USB Microphone
  1. The maximum extension of the arm stand is around 76 cm, which can go from the side of your desk to in front of your mouth perfectly. You do not have to lean on the side to talk.
  2. Such flexibility to swing the mic around is helpful to have a successful podcast. Because then the mic or the stand itself can not get in the way to block eye contact, which is crucial in a live podcast.
  3. The boom arm stand also keeps the mic off a table. Combing with a shock mount, you will hear much less vibration or file flipping noise from the workspace. The unique design makes it the only shock mount that fits a microphone with on-body dials.
  4. The pop filter is not close to a poor relation of the whole package, dual layers reject p noise well. And the C-clamp was carefully designed to hold firmly the whole kit.
  5. When you fancy an outdoor vocal recording or have to have an on-the-road conferencing, the included small tripod and foam cover will come in handy. Because you can throw the whole audio setup into your backpack!


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