FIFINE A16 External E-Sport Speaker for Streaming \ Bluetooth


  1. 4 RGB lighting – Static color changes, RGB Shift, Gradient Model, Dynamic RGB.
  2. 4 stereo audio units
  3. 6 hours of battery life
  4. Output power: 10W
  5. Frequency range: 80Hz-20KHz
  6. Plug: 3.5mm, BT, AUX, TF card


FIFINE A16 Speaker External E-Sport for Streaming Party-AmpliGame  by  Computer Speaker, Bluetooth Wireless Gaming RGB Desktop Speaker, Aux-in Wired Jack, USB Powered, for PC Laptop Phones


Strengthening Sound with FIFINE A16 Speaker 

This wireless gaming PC speaker for desktop has two built-in speaker drivers that deliver impactful highs and well-balanced bass. You have greater motivation to win the game because to the dual diaphragm beats with vibrated sound pace. If it’s a movie, game, video, or piece of music, smoothly dynamic audio will transport you to the immersive music scene. The monitor desk speaker softly satisfies your diverse listening needs.


Bright RGB lights

There are four different RGB lighting modes included with the Bluetooth PC light up speaker for desktop. You may quickly alter modes to match the theme of your music, games, or party using an external RGB control button. The RGB speaker reflects brilliant cool lights that demonstrate how luxurious your gaming gear are and give your area a carnival-like feel to enable you to win the game.

Convenient Modification FIFINE A16 Speaker 

The desktop gaming speaker for PC has six working mechanical keyboards that can be utilized for a variety of tasks, including volume adjustment, RGB control, and prev/next music. The computer desktop speaker offers an intuitively simple approach to learn how to use the function quickly, yet without wasting your game or party time. Your visual experience is enhanced by the button’s illuminated display.

Freely Perpetual Use

Bluetooth 5.1 PC gaming speaker can instantly recognize devices and reliably connect thanks to its faster pairing and greater operational range. The ability to start a music party or game at any time is provided by a wireless computer speaker for laptops. The powered LED Bluetooth speaker portable wireless is cost-effective and ecologically sustainable because it has a rechargeable battery. more time and money saved for music enjoyment.


Toggle and Play

The monitor speaker offers flexible compatibility with qualified wireless Bluetooth and wired 3.5mm Aux-in connection, USB/TF card/microphone interface. For use with a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, PS4/PS5, projector, monitor, or TV, Bluetooth wireless party speakers are fantastic. The soundbar’s simple operation is suitable for use at home or in the office and allows for the instantaneous enjoyment of immersive gaming, music, and movies without the need for drivers or sound delay.


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