FIFINE H8 Studio Monitor Headphone for Recording, LISTENING TO MUSIC, MONITORING


Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology 3.5mm to 3.5mm Wired, 3.5mm to 6.35mm Wired
Special Feature Adjustable Headband, Lightweight, Passive Noise-Cancellation, 3.5mm or 6.35mm Jack/Coilded Detachable Cable, Soft Material




You need a solid foundation for your profession to build upon that will not get in the way of your advancement. The FIFINE H8 headphones are the ideal workhorse to take you from beginner to expert.
Are there any footsteps or sibilance indications in video games? Nailed. be able to determine without meters whether your current podcast or vocal recording is clipping? Yes. wherever you are, immerse yourself in pop music. Absolutely. To identify the issues in your mix, do you need stronger sound separation? Not at all a problem!

To be an all-rounder, you have to look like one in the first place, otherwise, you will not get a chance to showcase that you are really capable of doing various jobs. All of them help to improve aesthetics and to give you the guarantee that you will not look bad with the headphone over your ear.

Features of FIFINE H8 Studio Monitor Headphone
Headphone Features Specification
Closed-back Design Provides immersion of audio and attention to detail.
Dense Ear Cups Offers better isolation from the environment.
Leatherette Covering Provides a soft and breathable material for comfort.
Decent Clamping Force Enables effective passive noise-canceling, even for outdoor usage.
Heat and Moisture Management Soft and breathable leatherette prevents discomfort during extended use.
Replaceable Ear Cushion Ensures long-term comfortable use.
Durable Construction Designed to withstand abuse, heavy usage, and rough handling.
Detachable 3.5mm Audio Cable Allows for easy replacement.
Coiled Cable Provides flexibility and convenience for different setups.
Adjustable Length Can be stretched from 4 feet to almost 10 feet, accommodating various recording environments.



Specifications Of FIFINE H8 Studio Monitor Headphone
Audio Characteristics Specification
Impedance 32 ohms (low-impedance) – Works well with a wide range of devices without requiring additional amplification.
Driver Size 50mm – Delivers an immersive sound experience.
Studio and Gaming Performance While the audio may be slightly bright for studio use, it excels as a gaming headphone, allowing for precise sound localization, especially in FPS games.
Clear Sibilance Cues Enhances the clarity of high-frequency sounds.
Balanced Audio Does not fatigue the ears with excessive bass, ensuring clear and detailed sound reproduction.
Warm Tone Closed-back design provides a warmer tone, improving bass reproduction for pop music.
Flat Mids Provides accurate and neutral mid-range frequencies, making it suitable for monitoring podcasts and voice-over recordings.
Sound Separation Allows for clear instrument separation in the mix, aiding in making reliable and precise decisions.
Comfortable for Extended Use Soft and breathable leatherette ear cups.
Multipurpose Usage Can be used for various listening conditions and scenarios, providing versatility and reliability.


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