Darkflash Twister DX240 Liquid CPU Cooler black



Darkflash Twister DX240 Liquid CPU Cooler black

Luxury Modern AIO Water Cooler

Special design fan blades not only cancels working noises, and provide strong airflow.
E-shaped liquid channel enlarges cooling area, enhances heat dissipation, and improves circulation.
Spraying copper bottom maximizes the contact area, speeding up the cooling process.

Specifically created to provide high-performance cooling for CPUs, the Twister DX240 Liquid CPU Cooler in Black. It is a modern, attractive black style that gives any computer construction a refined touch. In order to effectively drain heat from the CPU and maintain peak performance, the cooler uses a liquid cooling system.

The 240mm radiator on the DX240 offers a sizable surface area for heat dissipation. In comparison to conventional air coolers, this enables more efficient cooling. The radiator has two 120mm fans, each of which is built to run quietly while providing excellent airflow.

Highlights of Darkflash Twister DX240 Liquid CPU Cooler black
  1. The pump unit is compact and sturdy, effectively circulating cooling liquid for optimal CPU temperature.
  2. It maintains ideal temperatures even during overclocking or demanding tasks.
  3. The pump is designed to be durable and reliable, offering consistent cooling performance over time.
  4. The Twister DX240 has a universal mounting system that supports various CPU sockets, making installation easy.
  5. It is compatible with both Intel and AMD processors, providing flexibility for different systems.
  6. The bundled thermal paste ensures proper heat transfer for maximum cooling effectiveness.
  7. The Twister DX240 excels in thermal management, efficiently dissipating heat and keeping CPU temperatures low.
  8. It extends the lifespan of the CPU and prevents performance throttling caused by overheating.

Specifications of Darkflash Twister DX240 Liquid CPU Cooler

  1. Model : Twister DX240
  2. Color : Black / Pink / White
  3. Water Block Size : 75*75*53mm
  4. Pump Speed : 2400±10%rpm
  5. Pump Voltage : 12V
  6. Cooler Size : 274*120*27mm
  7. Cooler Material : Aluminium

Fan Specs Darkflash Twister DX240 Liquid CPU Cooler black

  1. Fan size : 120*120*25mm
  2. Fan Speed : (800-1800)±10% rpm
  3. Noise Level : 17-35.2 dBA
  4. Static Pressure : 0.81mm H2O
  5. Bearing Type : Rifle Bearing
  6. Compatible :
  7. INTEL : LGA20xx(v3) / 1200 / 115x / 1366 / 755 / 17xx
    AMD : AM5 /AM4 / AM3(+) / AM2(+) / FM2(+)


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