Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card



Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card – Unleash Gaming Power with One-Key OC and RGB Lighting

Elevate your gaming rig with the Colorful iGame. Featuring One-Key OC, iGame Power RGB, and advanced technologies like NVIDIA Ansel, this GPU delivers a premium gaming experience. Explore its specifications and upgrade to superior gaming today!

Immerse yourself in unparalleled gaming performance with the Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card. Boasting features like One-Key OC, iGame Power RGB, and cutting-edge technologies, this GPU is designed to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Key Features:

Unmatched Performance:

  1. GPU Codename: iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6G
  2. GPU Code Name: TU116
  3. Manufacturing Process: 12nm
  4. CUDA Cores: 1536
  5. Core Clock:
    1. Base: 1500 MHz
    2. Boost: 1770 MHz
    3. One-Key OC – Base: 1500 MHz
    4. One-Key OC – Boost: 1845 MHz
  6. Memory:
    1. Size: 6GB GDDR6
    2. Memory Clock: 12 Gbps
    3. Memory Bus Width: 193-bit

RGB Lighting Brilliance:

  1. iGame Power RGB: Experience a stunning visual display with RGB lighting that synchronizes with the iGame logo on top, offering various customizable light effects.
  2. iGame Zone II: Personalize your color display and breathe patterns with iGame Zone II, utilizing 16 million RGB colors.
  3. Solid Back Plate Armor: Enhance durability with a solid back plate armor featuring a powerful supply heatsink, protecting your GPU from excessive heating.

Advanced Power Handling:

  1. iGame Pure Power: Utilizes Silver Plating Technology (SPT) for faster instruction transfer, paired with iPP for high electronics impedance and higher stability.

Effortless Streaming:

  1. Broadcast Your Games: Dedicated hardware encoders in the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti unlock the ability to game and stream simultaneously with superior quality.

NVIDIA Technologies:

  1. GeForce Experience: Capture and share videos, screenshots, and live-streams seamlessly with friends.
  2. NVIDIA Ansel: Capture and share brilliant gaming experiences with super-resolution, 360-degree, HDR, and stereo photographs.

Premium Gaming Experience:

  1. Easily Upgrade: Elevate your gaming experience by upgrading to the GTX 1660 Ti, ensuring the best performance in your favorite AAA game titles.

Specifications of Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ti

  1. Display Ports: DP + HDMI + DVI
  2. Power Connector: 8-pin
  3. Cooling System Type: Air Cooling

Upgrade your gaming setup to the next level with the Colorful iGame GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6GB Graphics Card. With One-Key OC, RGB lighting, and advanced technologies, this GPU promises a premium gaming experience. Upgrade now and unleash the power of superior graphics!


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