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BenQ DVY23 20x Zoom Conference Camera Webcam is designed to enhance large conference room experiences, ensuring that every participant is captured clearly on screen. Here are some key features:

Ultra-Detailed 20x Optical Zoom

Enjoy a high level of detail with the 20x optical zoom feature. This allows you to cover the entire stage or focus in on specific objects, making it perfect for large spaces.

360-Degree Coverage

The camera provides comprehensive room coverage with a pan range of ±170° and a tilt range from -30° to +90°. The whisper-quiet, high-precision motor ensures swift and silent movements.

Versatile Video Outputs

The DVY23 offers multiple video outputs, including USB 3.0, HDMI, 1GbE with PoE, and 3G-SDI. This versatility allows you to connect to various display systems.

Automatic Image Adjustment

Equipped with a built-in gravity sensor, the camera automatically adjusts the video image based on its orientation, ensuring a stable and well-oriented view.

Livestreaming Capabilities

Easily broadcast your meetings or events on platforms like YouTube or Facebook Live, thanks to the camera’s support for multiple streaming sites.

Multi-Port Connectivity

With a variety of ports, the DVY23 supports different connector types, enabling you to output video content to any display system you’re using.

Remote Control Compatibility

Controlling the camera remotely is convenient in any network setup. The DVY23 is equipped with ports that match popular control interfaces.

Tangle-Free Transmission

The DVY23 simplifies cable management with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. You only need one cable to power up the camera and transmit videos, reducing cable clutter.

In summary, the BenQ DVY23 20x zoom is an advanced conference camera that ensures exceptional video quality, ease of use, and adaptability to various connectivity and control needs, making it an ideal choice for large meeting spaces.


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