BENQ 65″ Interactive Display for Education – RP6501K

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  1. Screen Size 65″
  2. Resolution (pixels)UHD 3840×2160
  3. Backlight / Lightsource DLED
  4. Brightness (Typical) (nits) 450
  5. Contrast Ratio (Typical) 1,200:1
  6. Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 178° / 178°
  7. Light Life (Typical) (hours) 30,000
  8. Display Orientation Landscape
  9. Color Gamut (×% NTSC) 65%
  10. Panel Bit (8 or 10) 10
  11. Response Time (ms) 6


BENQ RP6501K 65-Inch Interactive Display for Engaging and Healthy Education

Meta Description: “Enhance classroom engagement with the BENQ RP6501K 65-Inch Interactive Display designed for in-person and hybrid learning. This interactive display promotes a healthy learning environment with a germ-resistant screen, air-quality sensor, and smart eye-care technology. Explore interactive teaching tools, cloud collaboration, and multi-platform compatibility to create a dynamic and innovative learning space.”


Transform traditional classrooms into interactive hubs of learning with the BENQ RP6501K 65-Inch Interactive Display. Specifically designed for educational settings, this interactive display fosters student engagement through advanced features that cater to both in-person and hybrid learning scenarios. Explore the unique attributes that make this display an ideal choice for educators focused on creating a healthy and dynamic learning environment.

Key Features of BENQ RP6501K 65-Inch Interactive Display:

  1. Germ-Resistant Screen for Health-Conscious Learning:
    1. Multilayer coating with a non-toxic nano ionic silver agent.
    2. Effectively kills germs on the screen surface, ensuring a healthier learning environment.
    3. TUV Test Confirmed germ-resistant screen.
  2. Interactive Teaching Tools for Enhanced Learning:
    1. Tap ‘n Teach with NFC technology for instant lesson material loading.
    2. Cloud features with EZWrite 5 for seamless annotation and collaboration.
    3. Dual Pens for simultaneous collaboration with different colors, ideal for lively activities.
  3. Advanced Touch Resolution for Natural Handwriting:
    1. Fine-tuned handwriting experience with advanced fine IR touch.
    2. Reduced gap between actual landing point and displayed point on the screen.
    3. Allows teachers to create more natural handwriting.
  4. Create a Healthy Learning Environment:
    1. Air-quality sensor monitors CO2 concentration for improved learning efficiency.
    2. Smart Eye-Care Solution with Flicker-Free, Low Blue Light, and Anti-Glare features.
    3. Thoughtful design ensures a healthier and more concentrated classroom experience.
  5. Multi-Platform Compatibility:
    • Seamlessly works with various computing and mobile devices.
    • Plug-and-play feature for easy connectivity with major operating systems.
    • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome.
  6. Recommended Apps and Partnerships:
    1. “BenQ Suggests” includes recommended Android apps for educational use.
    2. Partnership with solution partners such as Teamviewer and Blizz for expanded IFP potential.
    3. Simplified app updates and downloads for enhanced functionality.
  7. Device Management Software:
    1. DMS Local for Device Info and Management based on Windows OS.
    2. MDA (Multiple Display Administrator) for remote control via RS232.


Elevate the educational experience with the BENQ RP6501K 65-Inch Interactive Display, a comprehensive solution for modern classrooms. Promote engagement, health-conscious learning, and collaboration with advanced features such as germ-resistant screens, interactive teaching tools, and cloud-based annotation. Embrace innovation without compromising on health with smart eye-care solutions, and enjoy a seamless and dynamic learning environment. Upgrade your classrooms with BENQ’s commitment to excellence in education technology.

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