Belkin USB-C to VGA + Charge Adapter, AVC001



Belkin USB-C to VGA + Charge Adapter, AVC001

The Belkin USB-C to VGA + Charge Adapter, AVC001 is a USB-C® to VGA + Charge Adapter connects to your laptop or tablet via USB-C port, giving you both a VGA port for video display and a USB-C port for power.  Its plug-and-play design works universally with Mac® and Windows® laptops and other USB-C devices.  It offers portable flexibility that’s great for classrooms, conferences, and trade shows.  For more information


  • Width:  43 mm / 1.7 in
  • Height:  11.6 mm / 0.45 in
  • Length (without cable):  131.5 mm / 5.18 in
  • Length (with cable):  191.5 mm / 7.54 in

Belkin AVC001 is compatible with devices that have a video-enabled USB-C port.  It has also been tested to work with VGA devices and Thunderbolt™ 3 port-compatible devices.


From the screen of your USB-C-enabled device straight to your projector or monitor, smoothly and effortlessly. The USB-C to VGA Adapter is 15cm of finely tuned USB-C cable designed and tested by Belkin, allowing a seamless connection from any compatible USB-C device to your legacy projector, TV or monitor. Whether it’s sharing content at work, or transitioning new tech into your home office, it’s the ideal solution for your USB-C enabled device.

  • USB-C devices

With a proven track record in USB-C cables, this Belkin adapter has been designed and tested according to our rigorous standards.


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