Anker VR P10 Wireless Earbuds By Soundcore


Anker VR P10 Wireless Earbuds By Soundcore  with no lag by Soundcore

What You Need To Know About Anker VR P10 Wireless Earbuds By Soundcore
  • Soundcore VR P10 Bluetooth earbuds are designed to work with gaming consoles, VR headsets, and any other normal device you would pair Bluetooth earbuds with.
  • Parent company Anker touted the ability to use these earbuds on VR headsets. Becouse to a USB Type-C dongle that switch the earbuds to a 2.4GHz signal.
  • Bluetooth headphones don’t normally play well with VR because of the audio latency in the Bluetooth codec.

At an Anker event in NYC brand-new earbud concept from Soundcore is inroduce. A company owned by popular accessory maker Anker. But these aren’t just any old “gaming” earbuds. These are Bluetooth earbuds touted specifically for VR usage, something that has never before been feasible.

The new Soundcore truly wireless earbuds aim to fix all of the issues that have, so far, kept most VR gamers tied down using wired earbuds or headphones.

You might not hear a nearby explosion until after it had already killed your in-game character, for example.

Anker’s newly introduced Soundcore VR P10 truly wireless earbuds, available soon, aim to be the answer millions of VR gamers have been looking for. Until now, the options for using true wireless earbuds with VR consoles (like the PSVR) and headsets (like Meta’s Quest family) have been almost nonexistent.

To prevent this, the VR P10 earbuds support both Bluetooth and a low-latency, 2.4GHz connection via their included dongle. While this hybrid option is rare in earbuds, it has been done before in a few models

The new earbuds also support the LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec) protocol, a wireless communications protocol that can significantly reduce Bluetooth latency across connections that support it, at the cost of some audio fidelity.

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NOTE: Hasn’t arrived Yet, Coming Soon


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