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BenQ  Leading Innovators in Visual Display Solutions

Is a renowned pioneer in visual display solutions, offering an extensive range of projectors, monitors, and digital displays tailored for various applications including home, corporate, education, government, house of worship, gaming, and digital signage.

Benq company holds the esteemed position as the world’s No. 1-selling DLP projector brand and the leading name in short-throw projection. Powered by our Colorific imaging technology, BenQ projectors deliver precise, vivid, and enduring colors. With up to 1 billion stunning colors that resist light burn or color degradation over time, you can expect minimal maintenance and reduced replacement costs. Your image quality remains consistently exceptional, even after years of continuous use. Embracing eco-friendliness, BenQ pioneered the groundbreaking SmartEco™ technology, automatically adjusting lamp settings based on ambient brightness and content to optimize power usage. This innovation extends lamp life to an impressive 10,000 hours. Additionally, we proudly introduce the world’s first built-in 5GHz wireless FHD (WHDI) projector, enabling cable-free operation and seamless mobile device integration.

Our award-winning monitor lineup presents a compelling blend of cutting-edge performance and avant-garde design. Whether you seek all-white Mac-compatible monitors or displays tailored for the rigors of 3D printing and CAD/CAM design, BenQ monitors empower professionals and hobbyists alike. As official sponsors of renowned gaming teams, we stand at the forefront of LED monitor technology. Designed by gamers, for gamers, our gaming monitors offer lightning-fast response times, genre-specific features like Black eQualizer mode for first-person shooter (FPS) games, and our ZeroFlicker™ technology to eliminate traditional LED flicker issues, enabling longer, more comfortable viewing sessions.


As trailblazers in digital signage and interactive touchpanel display technology, BenQ is dedicated to revolutionizing signage technology across retail, corporate, education, hospitality, and public spaces. Our interactive flat panels support up to six multitouch points—the highest in the industry—while ultra-slim displays with super-narrow bezel designs create seamless video walls in expansive signage environments. All BenQ displays boast the innovative Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) application for simultaneous control of up to 98 displays and built-in sensors for automatic brightness adjustment to conserve energy.

Driven by our corporate vision

Driven by our corporate vision, “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life,” BenQ continues to lead the way in enhancing and enriching every aspect of life that matters most—lifestyle, business, and education.”