ZEBLAZE ARES Retro Smart Watch with Health & Fitness Tracking – Black

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Introducing the Zeblaze Ares Retro Smart Watch: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Innovation

Advanced. Retro. Versatile. The Zeblaze Ares combines a retro four-sided screen, two physical buttons, and a harmonious design, delivering a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality. It’s not just a watch; it’s a statement.

Peace of Mind with 15 Days Battery Life Optimized battery management ensures a remarkable 15 days of battery life. Say goodbye to constant charging and embrace uninterrupted usage.

Personalized Watch Faces – Wear Your Style Select from a diverse range of watch face themes to match your mood. Customize with your images or even a personal photo to truly express your individuality.

24h Health Monitoring – Your Wellness Partner Equipped with a PPG biological optical sensor, the Zeblaze Ares offers precise 24-hour heart rate monitoring. Understand your health better with accurate measurements.

13 Mainstream Exercise Modes Perfect your workouts with support for 13 exercise modes. Professional sensors capture comprehensive biological data, enhancing your exercise capacity with scientific analysis.

Sleep Tracking at Stages Automatically monitor your sleep stages, providing insights into total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time for a comprehensive sleep analysis.

Smart Notifications for Seamless Connectivity Stay connected with practical applications and reminders for calls and messages. Effortlessly manage your daily life with intuitive features.

Water Resistant 30 Meters – Ready for Anything With a 30-meter waterproof rating, the Zeblaze Ares handles daily waterproof needs, protecting against sweat and raindrops for worry-free wear.

Key Features:

  1. Striking Display: 1.3″ HD Color Display for clear visuals
  2. Feather-Light Design: 33g Super-Light Body for all-day comfort
  3. Holistic Health Monitoring: 24h Health Monitoring for comprehensive well-being insights
  4. Versatile Watch Faces: Multifunctional Watch Faces to suit your style
  5. All-Weather Ready: Water Resistant up to 30M for worry-free use
  6. Extended Battery Life: 15 days Battery Life for uninterrupted usage

More Smart Features for a Connected Lifestyle:

  1. Health Guardian: Monitor Blood Pressure for personalized health insights
  2. Music Control: Manage your music remotely without pulling out your phone
  3. Agenda Management: Efficiently handle your schedules
  4. Event Tracking: Keep tabs on your important events
  5. Do Not Disturb, Stopwatch, Weather Forecast: Enhance functionality for a seamless experience
  6. Alarms and Timers: Customize reminders for your convenience

The Zeblaze Ares Retro Smart Watch is not just a timepiece; it’s your companion in modern living. Elevate your style, track your health, and stay connected effortlessly. Experience the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary today.


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