VALKYRIE E360 AIO Liquid Cooler – Efficient Cooling with 2.4-inch LCD Display


VALKYRIE E Series VK All-in-one CPU water cooling radiator Multi-platform buckle Support LGA1700 2.4-inch LCD H.264 playback.

The FEP corrugated braided sleeve tubing ensures the coolant stays contained within the device avoiding evaporation, this coupled with a year warranty means you can depend on it working to its full potential over time!

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VALKYRIE E360 AIO Liquid Cooler – Efficient Cooling with 2.4-inch LCD Display, S-RGB Lighting, and Multi-Platform Support

Elevate your CPU cooling. Featuring FEP corrugated tubing, year warranty, and support for LGA1700, enjoy optimal performance and sleek design. Explore H.264 playback on the 2.4-inch LCD, ensuring dependability and style.

Upgrade your cooling solution with the VALKYRIE E360 AIO Liquid Cooler in sleek black. This all-in-one CPU water cooling system boasts advanced features for optimal performance and a stylish display.

Key Features:

  1. 2.4-inch LCD Display: Experience H.264 playback and real-time monitoring, adding functionality and style to your setup.
  2. FEP Corrugated Tubing: Ensures coolant containment, preventing evaporation and maximizing long-term reliability.
  3. Multi-Platform Support: Compatible with LGA1700, Intel LGA115x/LGA17xx/LGA20xx, and AMD AM4/AM5 platforms for versatile use.
  4. S-RGB Lighting Effects: Enjoy customizable lighting on the cold head and fans, adding a vibrant touch to your cooling setup.
  5. Powerful Water Pump: Operates at 12V with PWM control, offering a speed range of 1000-2800RPM±10% for efficient cooling.
  6. Durable Construction: Pure copper base material and aluminum cold row material ensure longevity and optimal heat dissipation.


  1. Cold Row Size: 397mm120mm27mm
  2. Cold Head Size: 80mm68mm60mm
  3. Fan Quantity: 3
  4. Fan Material: PC+PBT
  5. Fan Speed: 800-2150RPM±10%
  6. Air Volume: 80CFM(MAX)
  7. Wind Pressure: 3.14mmH2O(MAX)
  8. Fan Noise: 29dBA(MAX)
  9. Support Power Consumption: 300W
  10. 5-Year Warranty: Ensure peace of mind with a year warranty for reliable, long-term performance.

Enhance your system’s cooling efficiency, enjoy customizable lighting effects, and explore convenient features with the VALKYRIE E360 AIO Liquid Cooler. Trust in its dependability and style for an optimal cooling experience.


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