UGREEN USB C to Lightning Cable – MFi



UGREEN USB C to Lightning Cable – MFi Certified for Superior Performance

What is MFi? MFi stands for “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad,” and it represents an express license for external accessories produced by authorized manufacturers. The certification process is rigorous, with a pass rate of only 2%. It ensures compatibility and adherence to Apple’s standards.

Is this cable MFi-Certified? Yes, the USB C to Lightning cable offered by UGREEN is MFi-certified. You can verify this by checking the official MFi Licensed Accessories using our brand “Ugreen” or the specific product model number.

Why does the phone get hot during charging? Phone heating during charging is normal due to factors like faster charging speeds, voltage conversion, and background processes. Recommendations include closing high-power-consuming background apps and avoiding heavy phone use during low-power charging.

About the error message “This accessory may not be supported by device”

This error may occur due to impurities in the lightning port, low or unstable wall charger voltage, lightning end corrosion, or cable chip/mainboard damage. Solutions include cleaning the charging port, wiping the lightning end, and using original or MFi-authorized chargers.

3A Fast-Charging:

  1. Utilize a USB-C PD charger for high-speed charging up to 3A, saving over an hour compared to the original 5W charger.


  1. Use the C to Lightning cable with various USB-C PD Chargers (18W, 20W, 30W, 45W, 61W, or 87W) to charge your iOS device.

Safe and Reliable:

  1. UGREEN’s USB C to Lightning cable, made from original chips, provides secure and stable voltage for safe charging.

Cable Length:

  1. Available in 3FT/6FT/10FT (1M/2M/3M) options to suit your charging needs.

MFi Certification Approved:

  1. The UGREEN USB C to Lightning cable was produced by C94 (PD Quick-Charge), ensuring stability, safety, and faster charging than standard iPhone cables.

Ultra Durability:

  1. Rigorous laboratory testing confirms durability, with the cable withstanding over 15,000 bends. This ensures a longer lifespan for your charging cable.

Data Transfer:

  1. The MFi certification lightning cable adopts a 4-layer shielding design to ensure PD fast charging and high-speed data transfer of up to 480Mbps.


  1. SKU: 60759(3FT), 60761(6FT), 60762(10FT)
  2. Connector A: Lightning
  3. Connector B: USB-C
  4. Maximum Current: 3A
  5. Cable Length: 1M
  6. Data Transfer Rate: 480 Megabits Per Second
  7. AC Adapter Current: 3 Amps

Choose UGREEN USB C to Lightning Cable for a certified. Durable, and fast-charging solution that prioritizes safety and compatibility with your Apple devices.


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