Prolink 500VA Voltage Stabilizer AVR Relay Controlled Auto Regulator



Prolink 500VA Voltage Stabilizer AVR Relay Controlled Auto Regulator

Ensure the uninterrupted performance of your electronic devices with the Prolink 500VA Voltage Stabilizer AVR Relay Controlled Auto Regulator. Part of the Prolink PVR Series, this stabilizer is meticulously crafted to automatically maintain a consistent voltage level, safeguarding sensitive electronics from brownouts, undervoltages, and overvoltages.

Key Features

1. Advanced Voltage Regulation:

  1. Voltage: 220 VAC or 230 VAC
  2. Voltage Range:
    1. Wide Input Window: 110 VAC – 270 VAC or 110 VAC – 280 VAC
    2. Normal Input Window: 140 VAC – 260 VAC or 150 VAC – 270 VAC
  3. Voltage Regulation: -10% ~ +10%

2. Efficient Operation:

  1. Frequency Range: 60 Hz / 50 Hz
  2. Normal Mode Efficiency: 95%
  3. AVR Mode Efficiency: 92%

3. Intelligent LED Indicators:

  1. Normal indicator, AVR indicator, delay time setting, and fault indicator for easy monitoring.

4. Digital Display:

  1. Input and output voltage display for real-time tracking.

5. Protective Features:

  1. Delay Time: 3 minutes or 10 seconds
  2. Full Protection: Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, and over-current protection

6. Surge Protection:

  1. 312 Joules to guard against power surges.

7. Compact Design:

  1. Dimensions (W x D x H): 197 x 110 x 124 mm
  2. Net Weight: 2.4 kg

8. Relay Controlled Auto Regulator:

  1. Equipped with a microprocessor controller for extremely fast response in detecting and regulating voltage.

9. User-Friendly Operation:

  1. Time-delay function to protect connected devices from power-back surges.

10. Versatile Connectivity:

  1. Output sockets, AC input terminal, grounding, and AC output terminal for convenient installation.

The Prolink 500VA Voltage Stabilizer offers an efficient and reliable solution to maintain optimal voltage levels for your electronic equipment. Trust Prolink for cutting-edge technology in voltage regulation.


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