PNY 16GB DDR4 LAPTOP RAM XLR8 3200MHz Notebook Memory



PC Type/Memory Type Notebook DDR4
Capacity 32GB (2x 16GB)
Channel Type Dual Channel Kit
Frequency Speed (JEDEC) 3200MHz (PC4-25600)
CAS Latency CL20
Voltage 1.2V
XMP Support* Yes
Speed Compatibility 3200MHz, 3000MHz, 2933MHz, 2800MHz, 2666MHz, 2400MHz, 2133MHz
OS Compatibility Windows 10 and older



PNY 16GB DDR4 LAPTOP RAM XLR8 3200MHz Notebook Memory (PC4-25600) CL20 1.2V

Set the Gaming World Ablaze with PNY XLR8 DDR4 Memory Upgrade

Upgrade your laptop’s performance with PNY XLR8 DDR4 3200MHz CL20 laptop memory. Engineered for extreme gaming and designed to destroy the competition, PNY’s XLR8 memory modules bring top-tier components, low latency, and aggressive speed to serious gamers. With Intel® XMP compatibility, overclocking becomes a breeze.

DDR4 3200MHz Performance

Experience the pinnacle of DDR4 performance with PNY’s XLR8 memory. Boasting aggressive speeds, high bandwidth, low latency, and efficient power consumption, this memory enhances stability and responsiveness during memory-intensive gaming and applications.

Rigorous Engineering for Gaming Environments

PNY XLR8 Gaming DDR4 memory modules undergo rigorous engineering and testing to ensure peak performance, making them ideal for challenging gaming environments. Dominate the competition with superior response times and visuals for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Key Specifications Of PNY 16GB DDR4 LAPTOP RAM

  1. Capacity: 16GB
  2. Type: DDR4 SODIMM (Notebook Memory)
  3. Speed: 3200MHz
  4. CAS Latency: 20
  5. Voltage: 1.2V
  6. XMP Compatibility: Yes (XMP 2.0)
  7. Performance: Exceptional overclocked performance
  8. Compatibility: Backwards compatible with lower frequencies

PNY – Your Gaming Upgrade Partner for Over 30 Years

For more than three decades, PNY has been a trusted source for rigorously sourced, tested, and manufactured memory upgrades. Elevate your gaming laptop’s performance with an XLR8 DDR4 3200MHz CL20 upgrade from PNY and watch your gaming world blaze with speed and power.

Note: Ensure compatibility with your laptop’s system requirements before upgrading. Activate XMP 2.0 for optimal performance.



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