PeopleLink Pro Audio DSP


PeopleLink Pro Audio DSP

  1. Frequency Response: Microphone: +0/-2dB, Line in: +0/-0.5dB
  2. THD +N: Microphone: < 0.009%, Line in: < 0.007%
  3. Equivalent Noise Level: < -84dBu (20Hz~16kHz@22dB)
  4. Dynamic Range: > 105dB (20Hz~16kHz@0dB)
  5. Maximum Input Balance: Microphone: -2dBu, Line in: 20dBu
  6. Maximum Output Voltage (Balanced): 20dBu
  7. Maximum Gain: Microphone: 50dB, Line in 0dB
  8. Input Impedance: Microphone: 2.2 KΩ, Line in 20 KΩ
  9. Output Impedance: 400Ω
  10. Sampling Frequency: 32kHz
  11. A/D-D/A Converter: 24-bit
  12. Phantom Power: DC 48V
  13. Size: 440mm×256mm×44mm
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Introducing PeopleLink Pro Audio DSP – Your Ultimate Digital Audio Processing Solution

PeopleLink CM, is a high-performance full-coverage pickup microphone meticulously crafted for classroom recordings, playback, and seamless remote interactions. With its advanced design, a single PeopleLink CM boasts an impressive pickup radius of 8 meters, while two units can effortlessly cover expansive spaces exceeding 120 square meters. Whether addressing a lecture hall or conference room, speakers can confidently engage within a range of 2 to 8 meters from this omnidirectional microphone without compromising audio quality.

PeopleLink Pro Audio DSP is equipped with large-size, professional-grade acoustic transducers, the PeopleLink CM ensures crisp, rich, and full-bodied sound capture across a wide dynamic range. Its unique enclosure design effectively minimizes reverberation in spacious environments, delivering clear, undistorted, and omnidirectional audio. Widely embraced in educational and professional settings, the PeopleLink CM stands as a benchmark product in the realm of omnidirectional microphones.

PeopleLink Pro Audio DSP connection

Key Features:

  1. 8 Balanced Mic Inputs with support for 48V Phantom Power Supply via Phoenix Connector
  2. 4 Balanced Line Inputs via Phoenix Connector
  3. 6 Balanced Outputs via Phoenix Connector
  4. Wireless Microphone Interface with 3.5mm Connector
  5. Monitor Headphone Interface with 3.5mm Connector
  6. USB2.0 Type A Interface for Bidirectional Audio Data Transmission
  7. RS-232 Serial Port for External Control Terminal Connectivity
  8. RESET Key for Factory Settings Restoration
  9. RJ45 Interface for External Configuration Computer Connectivity

Cutting-Edge Technology:

  1. Full-band Adaptive Echo Cancellation
  2. Automatic Reverberation Suppression
  3. Smart Sound Mixing and Microphone Selection Technology

Ideal for:

  1. Local Recording and Playback
  2. Remote Interactive Classroom and Conference Room Environments

Additional Specifications:

  1. Dynamic Adaptive Noise Reduction up to 18dB
  2. Sampling Frequency: 32kHz, A/D-D/A in 24-bit
  3. Visual Control Software for Simplified Operation
  4. RMS and Peak Value Voltage Meters for Real-time Signal Monitoring
  5. Various Signal Processing Modules including Filtering, Equalization, Audio Processing, Mixing, and Control

Easy Connectivity:

  1. Mic Inputs (1-8) via Phoenix Connector
  2. Line Inputs (9-10) for Local Audio Sources
  3. Line Inputs (11-12) for Remote Audio Reference Signals
  4. Line Outputs (1-6) for Recording and Sending Processed Audio Signals
  5. Wireless Microphone Input and Monitor Headphone Interface

Sleek Design:

  1. Compact Size: 440mm×256mm×44mm


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