Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch EU IPS 1920×1080 full HD


  1. Professional image quality
  2. 1080P FHD & 100% sRGB
  3. Low blue light
  4. Eye protection
  5. 178° wide viewing angle
  6. IPS screen
  7. Narrow bezels on three sides
  8. Immersive experience
  9. Compact and lightweight
  10. 7.5mm at the thinnest part


Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch – Elevate Your Workspace with Crystal Clear 1080P IPS Display and Eye Protection”

Transform your working experience with the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27-inch. Featuring a 1080p Full HD IPS display with 100% sRGB color gamut, this monitor offers crystal clarity and vivid colors. Enjoy eye protection with low blue light technology for comfortable viewing, and embrace the sleek, narrow bezel design for an immersive workspace. Explore the specifications and compact design that make this monitor a perfect addition to any desk.

Crystal Clear 1080P Full HD Resolution

Immerse yourself in the incredible detail of the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor’s 1080p Full HD resolution. Perfect for both work and entertainment, the 1920×1080 resolution brings out crystal-clear images with professional HD image quality. The wide 100% sRGB color gamut enhances your viewing experience, delivering clearer and more vivid visuals.

Eye Protection with Low Blue Light

Say goodbye to eye fatigue with the Mi Desktop Monitor’s built-in low blue light mode. Even during extended periods of use, this feature ensures comfortable viewing, making it ideal for work and entertainment alike. Protect your eyes and enjoy improved eye comfort with the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor.

178° Wide Viewing Angle for Clear Images

No matter your viewing angle, the outstanding IPS hard screen ensures clear images with a visible viewing angle of up to 178°. Whether you’re sitting directly in front of the monitor or at a skewed angle, experience HD image quality that remains consistent and impressive.

Narrow Bezel Design for Immersive Views

Enhance your workspace with the Mi Desktop Monitor’s unique thin bezel design on three sides. This design not only improves viewing angles but also offers an enhanced, more immersive experience. Connect multiple Mi Desktop Monitors for an even more impressive and immersive viewing experience.

Sleek and Compact Design

With a slim 7.5mm thin body, the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor boasts a sleek and minimalist design that complements any desk. The flat, simple shape with no unnecessary protrusions adds to the monitor’s neat setup. Tilt, swivel, and adjust the monitor to your liking for the ultimate gaming or working comfort.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch

  1. Brand: Xiaomi
  2. Dimensions: 61.3 x 47.6 x 20.5 cm; 4.3 Kilograms
  3. Model: OB02608
  4. Color: Black
  5. Screen Size: 27 Inches
  6. Resolution: 1920×1080
  7. Voltage: 220 Volts (AC)
  8. Power Input: 12V, 2A
  9. Brightness: 300cd/m² (TYPE)
  10. Contrast: 1000:1 (TYP)
  11. Dynamic Contrast: 1000000:1
  12. Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  13. Response Time: 6ms (GTG)
  14. Maximum Refresh Rate: 75Hz
  15. Connections: HDMI 1.4 port ×1, VGA port ×1, Audio port ×1, DC IN power port ×1

Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch – A New Dimension of Viewing Experience

Experience an all-new working and gaming experience with the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch. With its professional HD image quality, eye protection features, and sleek design, this monitor offers a fantastic blend of functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your workspace today with Xiaomi’s immersive display technology.

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