Jam Monster Vape E-Liquid – 30ml Bottle | 20mg Nicotine Strength


Jam Monster Vape e-liquid

  1. 30mL Chubby Unicorn Bottle
  2. Child Resistant Cap
  3. 70% VG
  4. 30% PG
  5. Made in USA


Jam Monster Vape e-liquid, meticulously crafted in Florida, USA by Monster Vape Labs, a renowned name in the industry. Our specialty lies in curating premium flavors spanning fruits, desserts, tobaccos, and sodas, ensuring a tantalizing experience with every puff. From 10ml nic salts to generous 50ml and 100ml shortfills, our extensive range caters to all preferences.

Key Points

  1. Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and care, our e-liquids promise an exceptional vaping experience, thanks to our commitment to quality ingredients and expert blending techniques.
  2. Diverse Flavor Range: Indulge in a myriad of flavors, including succulent Blackberry, luscious Blueberry, vibrant Strawberry, and tangy Raspberry, alongside the rich goodness of The Custard Shoppe Butterscotch.
  3. Versatile VG/PG Ratios: With varying VG/PG concentrations available, our e-liquids cater to all vaping setups, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  4. Age Verification Process: Ensuring compliance with legal regulations, we implement a robust age verification process to prevent sales to individuals under 18 years old. By proceeding with your purchase, you consent to the necessary processing of personal data for age verification purposes.
  5. Authenticity Guaranteed: Rest assured, our products are 100% authentic, sourced directly from the manufacturer or their authorized distributors. Protect yourself from counterfeit products by shopping confidently with us.

Additional Information

Price: Jam Monster Vape e-liquid Is Priced At NPR 2499 In Nepal.

Product Verification

Many of our products feature verification codes for authenticity, offering peace of mind and ensuring you receive genuine, high-quality goods.

Attention to Detail

While we strive for accuracy, occasional errors may occur in product listings or variations. Should you have any doubts or queries, please reach out to our dedicated Sales Team for clarification before making a purchase.

Embrace the authentic vaping experience with Jam Monster Vape e-liquids. Shop with confidence, knowing you’re getting premium products backed by our commitment to quality and integrity.


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