Fantech GD914 Adjustable Rising Desk


  1. Height Adjustable
  2. Foldable Cup Holder
  3. Foldable Headset Holder
  4. Sleek & Modern Surface Design
  5. Sturdy Structure
  6. Cable Management
  7. Powerful & Stable Motor
  8. Easy To Use Controller
  9. Free Mouspad


For a relaxing and ergonomic working environment, consider the Fantech GD914 Adjustable Rising Desk. It is perfect for people of varying heights and those who wish to work in various postures because it can be adjusted to different heights to meet varied needs.

Anti-collision technology. The desk helps to avoid both desk damage and user injury. If you have pets or young children who could accidentally knock the desk over while it’s being used, this feature is extremely crucial.

The desk includes a built-in. a cable management system that keeps cables organized and guards against tangling or damage. If your desk is connected to several gadgets or accessories, this feature is extremely helpful.
High-quality components were used in the desk’s construction, such as an MDF desktop and a steel frame, which offer stability and longevity. The desk comes with all the required hardware and tools and is extremely simple to put together.

  1. Dimensions of the item: 55″ W x 24″ D x 27.5″-45.5″ H
  2. Weight of the item: 95 pounds
  3. Steel frame and MDF desktop; single motor; 1 inch per second speed; 110V–240V input voltage
  4. 120W power consumption With a weight capacity of 154 pounds
  5. The desk has a single motor that moves at a speed of 1 inch per second, making height adjustments simple.
  6. The desk has a wide range of height possibilities, from 27.5 inches to 45.5 inches, to accommodate persons of all sizes and tastes.

Fantech GD914 Adjustable Rising Desk can comfortably hold numerous monitors, a desktop computer, and other peripherals.


  1. Height adjustments are smooth and simple with an electric motor.
  2. Can may be altered to fit various users’ height preferences
  3. Has a built-in cable management system to keep cables orderly.
  4. A big desk to fit many monitors and other equipment
  5. Build with strength and durability for enduring use


  1. Adjustable from 27.5″ to 45″ in height
  2. Size of desktop: 55″ wide by 24″ deep
  3. Maximum weight of 154 pounds
  4. 3 height adjustments may be programmed for simple adjustment
  5. Use of anti-collision technology damage to the desk and user harm
  6. Made with premium components for sturdiness and stability




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