Epson WorkForce DS-1630 Scanner

  1. Duty cycle up to 1,500 pages per day
  2. Scan speed up to 25ppm/10ipm (300 dpi)
  3. 3-pass duplex ADF
  4. Optional Network Interface Unit


Enhance Your Workspace Efficiency with the Epson WorkForce DS-1630 Scanner

Discover the Power of Compact, Cable-Free Scanning

Epson’s WorkForce DS-1630 scanner is your ultimate solution for seamless digital storage, offering a compact design that transforms your workplace into an organized and productive environment.

Key Features:

  1. Clutter-Free Workspace:
    1. The DS-1630’s compact size minimizes desk space, and its built-in AC adapter eliminates cable clutter, ensuring a tidy and efficient workplace.
  2. Convenient Scanning:
    1. With a high ADF capacity of up to 50 pages, the DS-1630 reduces the need for manual document replacement.
    2. Achieve efficiency with scan speeds of up to 25ppm in simplex and 10ipm in automatic duplex (3-pass) modes.
    3. Easily scan odd-sized documents for versatile use.
  3. Optional Network Connectivity:
    1. Integrate the DS-1630 into your workgroup using the optional Network Interface Unit, enabling Ethernet connectivity for seamless sharing within the network.
    2. Utilize the Document Capture Pro software for easy management of scanned images based on user-defined settings.
  4. Ease of Use:
    1. The free-stop hinge allows easy one-handed operation, allowing the lid to open and stop at angles between 15 to 70 degrees.
  5. Epson Scan 2 Features:
    1. Text Enhancement: Improve text recognition for colored, grayscale, or black-and-white documents.
    2. Auto Area Segmentation: Separate scanning of images and text for optimal results.
    3. Document Skew Correction: Automatically straightens scanned images.
    4. Color Enhancement & Colour Dropout: Customize the visibility of ink signatures for improved document clarity.
  6. PDF Features for Added Convenience:
    1. Built-in OCR enables searchable PDF files.
    2. Secure your PDFs with password protection to prevent unauthorized access.
  7. Document Management:
    1. Bundled with Document Capture Pro (Windows) and Document Capture (Mac OS X) for efficient scanning, viewing, editing, and transfer of scanned documents.
    2. Easily manage scanned files with optical recognition of barcodes, characters, and blank pages.

Scanning Specifications:

  1. Scanner Type: A4 flatbed color image scanner and A4 sheet-fed 3-pass duplex scanner.
  2. Optical Resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi.

Scan Speed:

  1. Flatbed: 6.0 sec (200 dpi) / 7.0 sec (300 dpi) / 26 sec (600 dpi).
  2. ADF Monochrome: 25ppm (200 dpi) / 10ipm (Duplex) / 10ppm (600 dpi) / 6.0ipm (Duplex).
  3. ADF Color: 25ppm (200 dpi) / 10ipm (Duplex) / 10ppm (600 dpi) / 6.0ipm (Duplex).

ADF Specifications:

  1. Scanner Type: A4 sheet-fed, 3-pass duplex scanner.
  2. ADF Capacity: 50 sheets, Daily Duty Cycle: up to 1,500 pages/day.

Transform your scanning experience with the Epson WorkForce DS-1630 scanner – the ideal choice for efficient, compact, and hassle-free scanning in any workplace.


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