Digicom Wired Headphone DG-W7 Black


  3. SENSITIVITY: 100 + 3dB
  4. IMPEDANCE: 320 + 15%
  5. CABLE LENGTH: 1.5M + 10%


Digicom Wired Headphone DG-W7

Sleek Design And Color

The Digicom DG-W7 Wired Headphone is extremely light. The headset is also available in a variety of fashionable colors.

Easy Handling

Flexible Rotation Axis powers the headset, which is flat-foldable for simple storage. Similarly, you may listen to music on the go. Also, the headphone can perfectly fit in if you are searching for a travel headphones.

Enjoy All-Day Wearing Comfort

The earmuffs that come with the headphones are quite comfortable. The Soft Earmuff of this Digicom Headphone, in particular, gives the comfort you desire.

Guaranteed Quality

The Digicom DG-W7 Headphone provides crystal clear sound and strong bass. Also, among the identical headphones available in Nepali Market, the vibrant mids and expanded hinges ensure the highest comfort.

Built-In Inline Microphone

Hand-free calling is possible because of the built-in microphone. As a result, you can use the headset whenever and wherever you choose.

  1. Ultra Lightweight Stylish Color & Tailored Fit.
  2. Flexible Rotation Axis, Flat-Foldable for East Storage & Enjoy Music On the Go.
  3. Soft Earmuff, Enjoy All-Day Wearing Comfort.
  4. Pure Clarity, Clean Deep Bass, Vivid Mids & Extended Highs.
  5. Built-In Inline Microphone for Hand-free Calling.
  6. Controls Play/Pause, Answer/End Calls, Next/Previous Tracks.
  7. Tangle-Proof Fabric Cord – Braided Cord
  8. One Year Brand Warranty
Other Important Features of Digicom Wired Headphone DG-W7
  1. Option of Control Play/Pause, Answer/End Calls, Next/Previous Tracks.
  2. Braided Cord with Tangle-Proof Fabric material
  3. Technical Details
  4. Experience the Sensitivity 102+-3 dB
  5. Comes with Neodymium Magnet
  6. Impedance: 32 Ohm
  7. Cord Type: Braided
  8. Driver Unit: 40 mm
  9. Plug: 3.5 mm

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