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Corsair Crystal Series 680X PC Case – Dual-Chamber Smart Case with RGB, High Airflow, and Tempered Glass

Elevate your PC build with the Corsair Crystal Series 680X PC Case – a dual-chamber masterpiece offering outstanding high airflow, three LL120 RGB fans, and intelligent RGB lighting control. Discover impeccable cooling capabilities, a dual-chamber layout for optimal performance, and crystal-clear tempered glass panels for a stunning showcase.

Unleash the power of the Corsair Crystal Series 680X PC Case, a dual-chamber smart case designed for gamers and PC enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a world of high airflow, RGB brilliance, and exceptional cooling.

Outstanding High Airflow Cooling

Experience top-notch cooling performance with four included 120mm cooling fans. The Direct Airflow Path layout efficiently delivers cool air to your PC’s vital components, ensuring optimal temperatures during intense gaming sessions.

Three Included LL120 RGB Fans

Illuminate your rig with three LL series fans, boasting a total of 48 individually addressable RGB LEDs. Customize lighting effects through the powerful CORSAIR iCUE software, adding a vibrant touch to your gaming setup.

Intelligent Control, Unlimited Possibilities

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB isn’t just a case; it’s a smart case. The included CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO transforms it into a hub for dynamic RGB lighting synchronization across iCUE-compatible devices. Control fans, RGB LED strips, DDR4 memory, and more, all through the intuitive iCUE software.

Dual-Chamber Layout

Corsair’s pinnacle in dual-chamber cooling, the 680X RGB features a layout that optimizes cooling efficiency. One chamber actively cools with multiple fan and radiator mounts, while the other provides ample space for cable routing, drive storage, and PSU mounting. Assembling an immaculate system has never been easier.

Three Crystal-Clear Tempered Glass Panels

Admire your high-profile components through three crystal-clear tempered glass panels on the front, roof, and hinged side panel door. Showcase your build with stunning clarity and elegance.

Massive Cooling Potential

Unlock massive cooling potential with the Corsair Crystal Series 680X PC Case. Install up to 8x 120mm or 7x 140mm fans for superior airflow, and make room for up to four radiators to support advanced cooling solutions.

Upgrade your PC build to the next level with the Corsair Crystal Series 680X, where intelligent control meets outstanding cooling and captivating RGB illumination. Install up to 8x 120mm or 7x 140mm fans for massive cooling potential, with room to mount up to four radiators. Elevate your gaming experience today.


Corsair Nepal

Corsair, a globally renowned company, is excited to bring its exceptional gaming, content creation, and PC enthusiast products to Nepal. Our extensive range of offerings is designed to enhance the performance of both gamers and professionals. Whether you're seeking premium PC components, cutting-edge streaming gear, stylish lighting solutions, or esports coaching, Corsair has you covered. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you stay at the forefront of technology, unlocking new levels of gaming and creative experiences. Elevate your passion with Corsair, the trusted choice for top-notch products in Nepal.
corsair nepal
Corsair Nepal, Corsair stands out in the gaming peripherals industry, renowned for unwavering reliability and rigorous quality control. In the realm of keyboards, we maintain a specific focus on catering to the gaming community. This focus results in a more specialized product portfolio compared to versatile competitors like Logitech. Discover why Corsair is admired for its commitment to excellence, providing keyboards designed to excel in gaming, all available for purchase here at Corsair Nepal.


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