Belkin F8J236BT10-BLK USB To Lightning Cable 10 Feet



Belkin F8J236BT10-BLK USB C To Lightning Cable

  1. iPhone and iPad Compatible
  2. MFi Certified
  3. Flexible Insulation
  4. Nylon Braided Jacket
  5. Aramid Fiber-Reinforced Conductors
  6. Aluminum Circuit Board Casing
  7. Leather Organization Strap
Charge your iPhone or iPad devices with the DuraTek Plus Lightning to USB Type-A Cable from Belkin. This 10′ cable is MFi certified, which means it is designed to work with Apple devices. Backed by its USB-IF certification, this cable meets quality standards set forth by various companies like Apple, Microsoft, and even HP. Aluminum circuit board casing helps protect the connector housing, while Aramid fiber-reinforced conductors help establish reliable contact, ensuring your devices maintain connection. The added durability provided by the nylon braided jacket and flexible thermoplastic insulation promotes longevity. You can manage excess length of the cable with the included leather strap.


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