Belkin Economy Series 4-Socket Surge Protector Multi Plug


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Belkin Economy Series 4-Socket Surge Protector

Protect Your E-Appliances

Voltage fluctuations damaging your gadgets and electronic devices? Use this Belkin 4-Socket Surge Protector to safeguard your appliances from power-rises. It resists energy shocks that can harm your various devices at frequent intervals.


Belkin F9E400zb1.5MGRY Protector is an efficient product that prevents damage to electronics at below 1 nano second response. At 200 joules energy-rating, it can secure your PC, peripherals and various domestic gadgets if you connect these to the Essential Surge Protector. Its maximum spike current knocks at 6500 amperes meaning that it can guard against heavy overvoltages. Also, the Protector grounds AC power and gives 3-Line protection in each of its four sockets to further enhance its safety performance.


High-quality input materials have gone into the manufacturing of this effective Socket System that make it sturdy and long-lasting.

How to Connect
Coming with 1.5 m cable, Belkin Essential Protector gets charge from a single point. However, it is fit with four sockets. Which you can simultaneously plug your four different e-devices for safety against detrimental surges.

From the Manufacturer Of Belkin Economy Series 4-Socket Surge Protector
An Essential 4-Socket Surge Protector

The Belkin Essential 4-Socket surge protector is capable of protecting your computers and other electronic devices from frequent power surge. With the superior design and engineering of this Belkin 4 socket surge protector you can be assured of defect-free assembly, material and workmanship. Moreover, the response time of this Belkin Essential 4 socket surge protector is less than 1 nano second, making it an efficient voltage stabilizer.

Delivers Exceptional Power

The Belkin surge protector features a 200-joule energy rating to provide computers, peripherals and household electronic products with adequate surge protection. It also provides a maximum spike current of 6500 amperes. For easy cable management the Belkin surge protector delivers power through a 1.5-metre heavy duty cable; this also makes it easy for the user to accommodate the surge protector. Furthermore, this essential series surge protector grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all sockets.



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