Amazfit X Fitness Tracker Smart Watch


  1. 3D Curved Design
  2. High-definition Amoled Display
  3. Light & durable titanium body
  4. Linear motor recreates lifelike haptics
  5. Powerful 7-day battery life
  6. 5 ATM water-resistance
  7. Heart rate & blood-oxygen monitoring
  8. Sleep, stress, & activity tracking
  9. Built-in Positioning GPS + GLONASS


Elevate Your Fitness Experience with Amazfit X Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

3D Curved Screen

Experience innovation with the Amazfit X featuring a 3D curved screen crafted through six bending processes at 700°C. The bold design, complemented by a 92° curvature, rests comfortably on your wrist. The 2.07-inch HD AMOLED screen ensures a visual priority-based design, offering a unique UI that balances information volume for a clear display even under direct lighting.

Refined & Elegant; No Physical Buttons

Step into elegance with the one-piece metal body of the Amazfit X. The traditional physical crown is replaced by pressure-sensitive sensors, giving the watch body a smooth crescent shape. Lifelike haptics and linear motor feedback provide textured vibrations, enhancing the overall user experience.

Curved Lithium-ion Battery Design

Break spatial limits with the Amazfit X’s curved lithium-ion battery, seamlessly integrated into the thin, light, and curved design. This innovative battery design allows the watch to last a whole week on a single charge, ensuring you stay connected and motivated.

Keep Abreast of Your Health

Equipped with the BioTracker 2 optical sensor, the Amazfit X monitors your heart rate 24/7, providing insights into heart rate zones and detecting abnormally elevated heart rates. The watch also measures SpO2 levels on demand, empowering you to understand your physical state.

Track and Improve Your Sleep. Always Mind Your Stress Level

Prioritize your well-being with sleep tracking capabilities that analyze and improve your sleep quality. The watch also monitors stress levels, providing a comprehensive view of your physical and mental health.

One Score to Summarize Your Physical State

The Amazfit X simplifies complex health data into a single-value score, offering a personalized health evaluation based on heart rate and other factors. This unique scoring system provides a quick overview of your physical state.

Take Credit for Every Calorie You Burn

Stay motivated by tracking and acknowledging every calorie burned. The Amazfit X supports your fitness journey by providing real-time data on your energy expenditure.

Splash- and Swim-proof

Designed for active lifestyles, the Amazfit X is splash- and swim-proof, ensuring durability during various activities. Stay connected and informed even in challenging environments.

Match Your Outfit and Style

Express your style with the Amazfit X, a perfect blend of technology and fashion. Choose a watch that complements your outfit and suits your style seamlessly.

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