Transcend 2 GB Laptop RAM – 1600 MHz DDR3L


  1. Brand: Transcend
  2. Computer Memory Size: 2 GB
  3. RAM Memory Technology: DDR3, DDR3L
  4. Memory Speed: 1600 MHz
  5. Compatible Devices: Computer

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transcend brand Nepal


Transcend 2 GB Laptop RAM – 1600 MHz DDR3L

  1. 204pin SO-DIMM, CL11: This means the memory module is designed to fit perfectly in your laptop. The “204 pins” are like a jigsaw piece that matches your laptop’s memory slot, and “CL11” signifies it’s speedy and efficient.
  2. DDR3L-1600 (PC3L-12800), 1.35V (Low Voltage) – 1.5V: Think of this as a power-saving champ. It’s a smart, energy-efficient memory that runs smoothly on your laptop, even at lower voltages. The “1600” indicates it’s quite fast.
  3. Ideal for Laptops: This memory is tailor-made for laptops. It’s like giving your laptop a turbo boost – perfect for making it run faster and smoother.
  4. Generous 2GB Capacity: Imagine your laptop’s memory like a storage closet. With 2GB, you’ve got a spacious closet to keep all your important files and run multiple programs without a hiccup.
  5. Specifications and appearance may vary based on production and delivery dates: Just like how car models get updates, sometimes the memory module might have small changes in looks and performance. No worries, though – it’s still a great choice.
  6. Warranty details: 1 Year
  7. Compliant with JEDEC Standards for Quality: This memory is a quality superstar. It meets the highest industry standards for reliability, so you can trust it to perform without a hitch.


  1. RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  2. Memory Speed: 1600 MHz

Other Technical Details of Transcend 2 GB Laptop RAM

  1. Brand: Transcend
  2. Series: Transcend Information 8GB DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM
  3. Item Model Number: TS1GSK64W6H
  4. Operating System: Not machine-specific
  5. Item Weight: 1.13 ounces
  6. Product Dimensions: 2.66 x 0.04 x 0.46 inches
  7. Number of Processors: 1
  8. Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
  9. Voltage: 1.35 Volts
  10. Manufacturer: Transcend
  11. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

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transcend brand Nepal


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