1. 1. Easy for installation, Ideal for home and business decoration
    2. High intensity and definitive reliability; IP65 Water Resistant
    3. Super-bright with low power consumption, low-temperature operation
    4. Long service life of more than 50,000 hours
    5. A single bulb can light 16 colors
    6. Remote control


Illuminate Your Space with RGB TAPE LIGHT: 16 Colors, IP65 Waterproof LED Strip Light

Enhance your environment with our RGB TAPE LIGHT, a versatile LED strip that delivers the highest intensity, brightness, and even light distribution. Designed for reliability, this 5-meter roll displays 60 LED lights per meter, totaling 300 LEDs, ensuring a vibrant and immersive lighting experience. With low power consumption and super-bright illumination, this LED strip operates at a low temperature, providing both efficiency and safety.

Key Features

  1. SMD 5050 LED Technology: Featuring 300 RGB color LEDs on a flexible 16.4ft PCB board, our RGB TAPE LIGHT is a visual delight. The SMD 5050 LEDs offer superior brightness and color accuracy, transforming your space with dynamic lighting effects.
  2. IP65 Waterproof Design: Enjoy worry-free indoor use with our waterproof(IP65) flexible strip. The polyester resin material covers the PCB, protecting the LEDs against low-pressure water jets. Ideal for creating stunning lighting effects in any indoor setting.
  3. Cuttable and Joinable: Customize the length to fit your space effortlessly. Locate the scissor mark, and cut the strip as needed. You can also use strip tools to seamlessly join multiple strips for extended coverage.
  4. Easy Installation with Adhesive Tape: The double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the PCB simplifies installation. Effortlessly attach the strip to various surfaces, bringing vibrant lighting to your chosen spaces.
  5. Versatile Home Decorations: Let your creativity shine! Install for under cabinet lighting, car LED lighting, indirect lighting in crown molding, TV backlighting, aquariums, cars, and any other space where you want to create a captivating ambiance.

Package Details:

  1. One 5-meter strip (DC 12V Power Adapter not included)


  1. This package includes one strip. DC 12V Power Adapter is not included.

Illuminate your space with the captivating colors of RGB TAPE LIGHT. Perfect for home decorations, this LED strip brings dynamic lighting to every corner. Elevate your surroundings with the vibrant glow of RGB TAPE LIGHT – order now!


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