Havit Gaming Combo KB501CM



Havit Gaming Combo KB501CM 4 in-1 Overview:

1. Mouse:

  1. Four gears of mouse adjustment (800-1200-1600-2400 DPI)
  2. Cool RGB lights for a visually appealing experience
  3. Ergonomic design with an anti-slipping surface, providing a comfortable fit for extended use

2. Keyboard:

  1. Eye-catching gaming design for a visually immersive experience
  2. 19 anti-ghosting keys for precise and responsive control
  3. FN multimedia keys for additional functionality
  4. 10 standard multimedia keys for quick access to media controls

3. Headphone:

  1. Cool and elegant appearance
  2. High magnetic 40mm speaker for strong sound quality
  3. Retractable design of the headband to fit different head shapes

4. Mousepad:

  1. Premium fine-mesh cloth surface for smooth and accurate mouse movement
  2. Anti-slip rubber base to prevent the mouse pad from slipping during use
  3. Edge-covering design for increased durability

Additional Features:

  1. The mouse offers adjustable DPI settings for varied sensitivity (800-1200-1600-2400 DPI).
  2. The keyboard features anti-ghosting keys for optimal control during gaming.
  3. RGB lights on the mouse provide a visually appealing gaming atmosphere.
  4. The ergonomic design of the mouse ensures comfort during prolonged use.
  5. Multimedia keys on the keyboard enhance the overall user experience.
  6. The headphone’s retractable design accommodates various head sizes.
  7. The mousepad’s fine-mesh cloth surface contributes to precise mouse movements.

Overall: The Havit Gaming Combo KB501CM 4 in 1 set combines a feature-rich mouse, keyboard, headphones, and mousepad, offering a comprehensive gaming experience. With attention to ergonomic design, visual aesthetics, and functional features, this gaming combo aims to provide users with a comfortable and immersive gaming setup. The inclusion of adjustable DPI settings, anti-ghosting keys, RGB lights, and quality materials in the mouse, keyboard, headphones, and mousepad highlights the versatility and attention to detail in this gaming combo.


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