Fantech Luminous C30 1440P Webcam Camera



Fantech Luminous C30 1440P Webcam Camera: Illuminate Your Virtual Presence

The Fantech Luminous C30 1440P Webcam Camera is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your video conferencing, streaming, and online communication experiences. Packed with features and boasting a 2K QHD resolution, this webcam ensures crystal-clear visuals and excellent audio quality. Let’s delve into the key specifications and features that make the Luminous C30 a standout webcam:

Key Features:

Resolution Video:

The Luminous C30 webcam supports a high-resolution video output of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This 2K QHD resolution ensures sharp and detailed visuals during video calls, streaming, and content creation.

Camera Megapixels:

Equipped with a 4-megapixel camera, the webcam captures clear and vibrant images. The high megapixel count contributes to the overall image quality, providing a superior visual experience.

Field of View (FOV):

The wide field of view of 106° ensures that the webcam captures a broad perspective, making it suitable for group calls, collaborative work, and capturing more of your surroundings in the frame.

Frame Rate:

Enjoy smooth and fluid video with a frame rate of 30fps at 1080p resolution and 25fps at 2K resolution. The optimized frame rate enhances video quality and ensures a seamless viewing experience.

Built-In Microphone:

The Luminous C30 features a built-in microphone, eliminating the need for an external microphone for audio input. The microphone delivers clear and crisp audio, enhancing communication during video calls and streams.

Type Plug:

The webcam is equipped with a USB 2.0 interface, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. The USB connectivity provides a straightforward plug-and-play setup for quick and hassle-free use.

Cord Length:

With a cord length of 1.4 meters, the webcam offers flexibility in positioning, allowing you to find the optimal placement for capturing the best angles and perspectives.

Dimensions and Weight:

The compact dimensions of 73x26x33mm make the Luminous C30 webcam portable and suitable for various setups. With a weight of 87 grams, it’s lightweight and easy to carry or mount on different devices.


The Fantech Luminous C30 1440P Webcam Camera comes with a 12-month warranty, providing users with assurance and support in case of any issues. Fantech’s commitment to quality and durability is reflected in the warranty duration, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting webcam solution.

Illuminate Your Virtual Presence

Whether you’re attending virtual meetings, engaging in online classes, streaming content, or connecting with friends and family, the Fantech Luminous C30 1440P Webcam Camera is designed to elevate your virtual presence. Enjoy high-resolution video, clear audio, and a wide field of view for an immersive and professional communication experience.


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