Fantech GP12 Gaming Controller For PC


  1. for PC/PS3
  2. ergonomic shape & weight favored by esports athletes
  3. Play In Comfort
  4. Feel Comfortable in your hands for hours of gaming
  5. Feel The Action vibration feedback gives you a riveting gaming experience


FANTECH GP12 Gaming Controller – Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Unleash the power of the FANTECH GP12 Gaming Controller, specially crafted for PC and PS3 gaming enthusiasts. Dive into the world of superior performance and comfort with its exceptional features:

Key Features:

  1. Soft Grip Wired Dual Mode: Seamlessly switch between wired and dual modes for ultimate flexibility.
  2. Ergonomic Design: Crafted with an ergonomic shape and weight favored by esports athletes, providing optimal comfort.
  3. Play in Comfort: Enjoy extended gaming sessions with a controller designed to keep you comfortable for hours.
  4. Feel the Action: Immerse yourself in riveting gaming experiences with vibration feedback that enhances realism.

Technical Specifications:

  1. USB Wired Gaming Controller:
    1. Buttons: 17pcs
    2. Vibration: Yes
    3. Cable Length: 1.8M
    4. Weight: 170g

Multi-Platform Compatibility:

  1. Compatible with Android, PlayStation, and PS3.
  2. Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, allowing you to play Xbox 360 games on PC and laptops.

Plug & Play Joystick:

  1. Effortlessly connect and play with the plug-and-play USB connection.

Multi-Mode Support & Dual Impact Shock:

  1. Features Xinput & Direct Input support, programmable buttons, and an 8-way programmable D-pad.
  2. Dual impact shock with two vibration motors enhances immersion and realism during gameplay.

Extensive Popular Game Support:

  1. Works seamlessly with popular new titles and old favorites, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of games.

Ergonomically Designed:

  1. Designed with ergonomics in mind to provide a comfortable grip, even during extended gaming sessions.

1-Year Brand Warranty:

  1. Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year brand warranty, backed by reliable customer care service.

Elevate your gaming experience with the FANTECH GP12 Gaming Controller – Where comfort meets precision, and every gaming moment becomes an immersive adventure.


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