Corsair RM750 Power Supply 750 Watt 80 PLUS Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU

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  1. 80 plus Gold certified: high-efficiency operation for lower power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures.
  2. Tuned for low noise operation: a 140mm rifle-bearing fan with a specially calculated fan curve ensures that fan noise is kept to a minimum, even at full load.
  3. 105°C-rated capacitors: industrial-grade capacitors deliver solid electrical performance and reliability.
  4. Microsoft Modern standby compatible: extremely fast wake-from-sleep times and better low-load efficiency.
  5. Zero RPM fan mode: at low and medium loads The cooling fan switches off entirely for near-silent operation.
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Corsair RM750 Power Supply – 750W 80 PLUS Gold Certified PSU for Efficient and Silent Performance”

“Elevate your PC’s power efficiency with the Corsair RM750 Power Supply. Featuring 80 PLUS Gold certification, Modern Standby compatibility, and a fully modular design, experience low noise operation, compact size, and the reliability of industrial-grade capacitors.”


The Corsair RM750 Power Supply from the RM Series is your key to efficient and silent PC performance. With 80 PLUS Gold certification, fully modular design, and compatibility with Modern Standby, this 750-watt powerhouse ensures optimal power delivery and reliability.

Modern Standby Compatibility

Experience the future of PC sleep and wake functionality with Modern Standby, a Windows 10 feature that enhances speed and connectivity during sleep mode. Wake your system in a fraction of the time with reduced power consumption, ideal for uninterrupted downloads and notifications.

Efficiency and Reliability

The RM Series delivers power at up to 90% efficiency, lowering energy consumption, temperatures, and noise. Industrial-grade capacitors rated at 105°C provide unwavering power and long-term reliability, meeting the demands of Corsair’s high standards.

Silent Operation

Tuned for low noise operation, the 135mm rifle bearing fan ensures minimal noise even at full load. The fan’s zero RPM mode means it only spins when necessary, providing virtually silent operation at low and medium loads for an immersive computing environment.

Compact Design

Measuring 160mm, the RM750’s compact casing ensures easy integration into modern enthusiast PC cases. This design not only facilitates cable management but also enhances airflow within your chassis, contributing to an optimal cooling environment.

Warranty and Support

Corsair stands behind the RM750 with a comprehensive warranty, offering reliable operation across multiple system builds. If assistance is needed, Corsair’s customer service and tech support are readily available.

Multiple-GPU Ready and Fully Modular Cables

Equipped with PCI-E connectors for dual GPU setups, the RM750 caters to ambitious PC gaming builds. The fully modular design allows you to use only the cables you need, simplifying installation, routing, and cable management.

Add the Finishing Touch

Complement your system’s aesthetics with Corsair Premium Individually Sleeved Type 4 Gen 4 PSU Cables (sold separately). Available in various colors and patterns, these durable and flexible cables provide a professional-looking build with easy installation.


In conclusion, the Corsair RM750 Power Supply combines efficiency, reliability, and silent operation for an enhanced computing experience. Upgrade your PC with a PSU that delivers consistent performance, meets modern standards, and provides the flexibility needed for your unique setup.


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