Corsair HX1200 Power Supply, 1200 Watt, Fully Modular, 80+ Platinum Certified


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Title: Corsair HX1200 Power Supply – 1200W, Fully Modular, 80+ Platinum Certified

Discover the power of the Corsair HX Series HX1200 – a 1200W, fully modular power supply with 80+ Platinum efficiency, virtually silent operation, and premium Japanese capacitors. Explore its features, and benefits, and enjoy a 10-year warranty. Build your high-performance PC confidently with Corsair’s reliable technology.

Upgrade your PC’s power performance with the Corsair HX Series HX1200 Power Supply. This fully modular 1200W unit boasts 80+ Platinum efficiency, providing tight voltage regulation, reduced operating costs, and minimal heat generation. Crafted with premium Japanese 105°C capacitors, it ensures long-term reliability for your high-performance gaming or professional rig.

Features & Highlights:

  1. Platinum Efficiency: Enjoy 90% energy efficiency under real-world load conditions, reducing costs and heat.
  2. Zero RPM Fan Mode: Operates virtually silent at low and medium loads, thanks to the fan only spinning up when needed.
  3. Fully Modular Cables: Simplify installation, reduce clutter, and enhance airflow for a cleaner, more efficient build.
  4. +12V Rail Switch: Choose between a single +12V rail or multiple +12V rails for flexible power distribution.
  5. Premium Components: 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors ensure solid power delivery and long-term reliability.
  6. Safety Features: Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, over-power, and over-temperature protections for maximum safety.
  7. Package Contents: Includes HX Series ATX Power Supply, power cord, mounting screws, cable ties, Corsair case badge, and user manual.


Elevate your PC’s power with confidence using the Corsair HX1200 Power Supply. With its 80+ Platinum efficiency, silent operation, and premium components, it’s the ideal choice for high-performance systems. Benefit from a year warranty, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your build is backed by Corsair’s legendary support. Build your dream PC effortlessly with Corsair’s technology, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

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Corsair Nepal

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corsair nepal
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