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Dominate the Game with CORSAIR HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse – Lightweight Design, 6,000 DPI Optical Sensor

Experience swift and precise gaming with the CORSAIR HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse. Weighing just 85g, this mouse features a 6,000 DPI optical sensor, high-performance Omron switches, and dynamic RGB lighting control through CORSAIR iCUE software. Elevate your gaming setup with the HARPOON RGB for a comfortable, customizable, and competition-ready experience.

Gear up for gaming supremacy with the CORSAIR HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse. This lightweight marvel, weighing a mere 85g, is engineered for swift and precise gameplay, offering a range of features that make it a formidable companion in the gaming arena.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight Design: Weighing only 85g, the HARPOON RGB ensures prolonged gaming sessions in ultimate comfort. Its contoured shape and rubber side grips provide a natural fit for various hand grips and play styles.
  2. Plug and Play Convenience: Ready to take down the competition straight out of the box. Simply plug the mouse into a USB port, and you’re ready to embark on your gaming journey.
  3. High-Performance Optical Sensor: The 6,000 DPI optical sensor delivers high-accuracy tracking, adjustable in 1 DPI resolution steps for complete sensitivity customization. Adapt your mouse sensitivity to any gaming environment.
  4. Durable and Responsive: Equipped with high-performance Omron switches rated for over 20 million clicks, the HARPOON RGB ensures ultrafast response and reliability over time.
  5. CORSAIR iCUE Software Integration: Unleash unlimited possibilities with CORSAIR iCUE software. Control vivid dynamic RGB lighting, program sophisticated macros, and synchronize full-system lighting across compatible CORSAIR peripherals for a fully immersive gaming experience.
  6. Customizable and Portable: With six fully-programmable buttons and onboard memory, the HARPOON RGB allows extensive customization. On-the-fly DPI switching adapts your mouse sensitivity on the fly, providing total command in every gaming environment.
  7. Xbox One Compatibility: Compatible with Xbox One for mouse-enabled games, offering versatility beyond traditional PC gaming.
  8. Damage Protection: Please note that returned computers damaged through customer misuse, missing parts, or in unsellable condition due to tampering will not be accepted. Such instances may result in higher restocking fees based on the product’s condition.

Elevate your gaming experience with the CORSAIR HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse – where lightweight design meets precision, comfort, and customizable control. Unleash your gaming potential and order the HARPOON RGB today.


Corsair Nepal

Corsair, a globally renowned company, is excited to bring its exceptional gaming, content creation, and PC enthusiast products to Nepal. Our extensive range of offerings is designed to enhance the performance of both gamers and professionals. Whether you're seeking premium PC components, cutting-edge streaming gear, stylish lighting solutions, or esports coaching, Corsair has you covered. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you stay at the forefront of technology, unlocking new levels of gaming and creative experiences. Elevate your passion with Corsair, the trusted choice for top-notch products in Nepal.
corsair nepal
Corsair Nepal, Corsair stands out in the gaming peripherals industry, renowned for unwavering reliability and rigorous quality control. In the realm of keyboards, we maintain a specific focus on catering to the gaming community. This focus results in a more specialized product portfolio compared to versatile competitors like Logitech. Discover why Corsair is admired for its commitment to excellence, providing keyboards designed to excel in gaming, all available for purchase here at Corsair Nepal.


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